Stitching Update - December

We are two weeks into the new term here and the small fry have finally got back into the school and after school activities routine.  I'm back to feeling like I am going to meet myself coming back along the road!

Stitching time in December was in short supply as I started a new contract and I'm currently working four days a week.  The projects that I worked on during the month are firstly Dorothy Walpole from The Scarlett Letter.  I'm still working on the bargello band but as I have got the top filled in and am working my way down, I think I am approaching the half way point of this band now.  I am stitching this in DMC on 40 count Pearlised Barley Lakeside Linen.


Then I stitched Christopher his ornament,  the ungrateful little sod had loudly declared that he didn't want a stitched ornament this year but I did one for him anyway. I chose to stitch him Dragon Dreams Santa's Unexpected Gift from the 2006 Just Cross Stitch Ornament Edition.  I used the recommend threads and linen.


I also managed to get Rosie's Ornament 'finished' - A Star is Born by Needleplay Needlework Designs also from the 2006 Just Cross Stitch Ornament Edition.



Mii Stitch said…
Beautiful stitching and I love the little ornament, it's so pretty!
Erica said…
Lovely stitching! Dorothy Walpole is one of my favorites!
Ornies are lovely also!
Margaret said…
Everything is so pretty!
Carol said…
Very pretty works, Karoline! I'm sure your son was like mine at that age and wanted a store bought ornament, but, hopefully, he'll treasure all those lovingly stitched ornaments when he is older :)
Andrea said…
Wonderful stitching. Christopher might think differently in years to come.
Jackie said…
Did Christopher change his mind when he saw your ornament? Either way, I'm sure he will treasure it!

Ruth is looking wonderful!
woolwoman said…
OH my - little devil he is - Santa might not appreciate his remarks about not wanting an ornament. Boys can be precocious can't they. Both children's ornaments are wonderful especially Chris' ! Your Dorothy Walpole is just exquisite. I can't believe you're on 40ct on that one. rock on ! cheers and happy new year Mel
Penny said…
Dorothy Walpole is such a gorgeous sampler! And both ornaments are beautifully done. I'm sure as has been said that Christopher will come to appreciate his someday. : )
Dorothy Walpole is very, very pretty. I started it back when I was still cross stitching so it languishes somewhere.

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