Some Quilting

I have been trying to carve out some time with my sewing machine over the last year with varying degrees of success. One way that I've done this is to join my local branch of the Modern Quilt Guild, I can't always make the monthly sewing day but I did manage to get along for part of the December session.  

Having finished the quilts for Rosie, I am under strict orders to do one for Christopher.  So we took a trip over to Simply Solids during the summer holidays so he could choose his fabric. The quilt is going to be in a similar style to Rosie's.  This is the layout I came up with from his choices, it's a little slimmer than his sisters quilt so I am thinking of adding a border down the sides.



woolwoman said…
I see Chris is a green person like I am ! love his choices. Enjoy ! mel
Margaret said…
Good for you on joining the quilt guild and all. Christopher's quilt is looking nice. I like his color choices.
Brigitte said…
Christopher made great fabric and colour choices. And it's great how you put the blocks together.
Andrea said…
Wonderful colour choices.
Penny said…
Excellent fabric choices on Christopher's part! It's going to be a lovely quilt.

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