My Second Honey Bee

I posted earlier this year that I was knitting a second Honey Bee sweater for Christopher.  I finished this over the summer but unfortunately when he went to try it on it appears that he is sensitive to Alpacca (even this lovely Baby Alpacca) as he took it off straight away complaining that it was itchy. 


Honey Bee by Dani Sunshine from the Drift Collection by Eden Cottage Yarns knit in Eden Cottage Yarns Whitfell DK in Charcol

So no photo's off him wearing it,  I now need to decide what I'm going to do with the jumper - probably find a knitworthy small person it will fit.

I have also finished my latest pair of socks.  These are Expresso Socks by Louise Tilbrook, knit in British Wool and Nylon in the Gaspode colourway by The Knitting Goddess.  I somewhat surprised myself when I wore them for the first time and realised that I had managed to match the stripes without trying!

Rosie and I went on a yarny road trip to Yarndale last month.  We both had a lovely time and spent our budgets!  





I went shopping for yarn to knit the first four shawls in the Shawl Society by Helen Stewart of Curious Handmade.  I got yarn from Five Moons Luna plus 4ply in Daughter of the Sea for the Talisman Shawl, Ripple Crafts Suliven in Heather and That'll be the coal for the Amulet Shawl, Whistlebare Yeavering Bell in Cherry Mallow, Minnow and Bog Orchid for the Quill Shawl and The Knitting Goddess St Kilda in Stac an Armin for the Asana Shawl as well as a cute project bag.



woolwoman said…
it was so fun seeing new photos of Rosie, she is becoming quite the Yarnista going to a big yarn show with mummy and sporting her precious sweater. I love to see children knitting - it's so great to pass on to the next generation. Thanks for all the links to your Shawl Society - I will love checking them out. Your purchases look yummy. Take care Mel
Margaret said…
I love that you get to shaw your yarny adventures with Rosie. My daughter hasn't caught the bug, sadly. Love the yarn for your shawl society shawls, love your finishes too. Bummer about the sweater being too itchy for Christopher -- it's a gorgeous sweater.
Brigitte said…
The jumper you made for Christopher looks great, and also the wool looks very soft. But I know how it is with wool. I can't wear any kind of wool either no matter how soft it is. I'm sure you will find someone who can wear this great piece.
Isn't is great that your daughter follows you in your footsteps? So cool!

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