2015 Ornaments

I hope you all had a good new year and I hope you all have a crafty 2016.

I have two more finishes from 2015 to share with you, I gave the children Just Cross Stitch ornament edition from 2005 and asked them to choose the ornaments that they would like me to stitch for them.

This is Christopher's choice O Christmas Tree by Angel Stitchin'


Stitched on Potato Lugana using the recommended overdyed threads

Rosie chose Paws Off by Dragon Dreams


Stitched on 28 count Sparkling Cider Reflections from Silkweaver using the recommended DMC.

There has been a little bit of stash enhancement in the last week.  With the demise of Sampler and Antique Needlework Quarterly I have decided to pick a sampler chart that I would like every quarter instead - this time it was Rachel Howells 1856 and I also got myself a copy of the 2015 JCS Ornament edition.  Also I was unable to resist one of The Knitting Goddess sock clubs this year as she is running a new Discworld club.  My January club yarn is called Carborundum.


As you can see there was a furry photo bomber in the photo - Florence feels that no picture is complete without her presence.  She is getting to be quite a long cat now (she's almost 8 months old) although we discovered when she was spayed that there is a good inch of fur on either side of her!


How neat to let them pick out their own ornamnets. I love the Christmas tree, very modern!
woolwoman said…
I love Rachel Howells - I have that started - wonder where it is? In the pile of forgotten toys I guess. Lovely sock yarn from the new club and I need to get the JCS ornament issue before it is sold out. I love the ornaments the children picked out. Hope your new year is starting off right - cheers ! Mel
Erica said…
Love your Christmas finishes, and the kitty of course!
Have a Happy New Year!
Margaret said…
Your kids have good taste in ornaments. Nice finishes! Love Rachel Howells! She's definitely one of my favorites. Love the pic with Florence. She is such a cutie! It really is amazing how much fur there is on a cat!
Brigitte said…
Very lovely ornaments that your kids chose. And you chose a wonderful sampler to stitch, which I have always admired because of the reds that it uses. I'm sue you will enjoy stitching it.
butterfly said…
Love your ornaments .
Mii Stitch said…
Sweet ornaments
Carol said…
I'll bet your kids were thrilled to see the ornaments they picked all stitched up, Karoline--lovely job on both :)
Andrea said…
Love your Christmas ornaments.
I love your ornaments for your sweet kiddies! And the stash enhancement is perfect, as well as the sweet model :)

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