Overdue Knitting Update

Sorry for another long gap between posts, I have been going to blog ever since the end of the summer holidays so quite how we've got to half-term I'm not quite sure!

However one of the reasons I've not got round to blogging is because there has been a fair bit of knitting and other yarny goodness has been happening so this is going to be a very photo heavy post.

First up, last month it was Yarndale.  This time I had a partner for the day as Rosie has enthusiastically embraced knitting and crochet over the summer holidays and was thrilled to come to her first yarn festival. 



My stash from the day, is mostly from Eden Cottage Yarns.  Their new pattern collection 'Drift', the fuchsia Whitefell DK is to knit Honey Bee for Rosie from the collection. I also bought a skein of BFL sock in Green Tea. I also bought some blocking wires. Rosie did a lot of shopping but it all disappeared into her bedroom before I had time to take a picture.


With all the knitting I have one finish, another pair of Rainbow socks this time for Christopher.


Naturally having finished one pair of socks, I had to cast on another pair of socks for Rosie using the Pheasant colourway from West Yorkshire Spinners.


Progress on my Hartfield shawl by Ann Kingstone has slowed down considerably as I can't work on it at home now, lace-weight cashmere and playful kittens do not mix! So this project goes to my knit group and gets worked on there.  It's not the best  project for social knitting but it does mean that it doesn't go into permanent hiatus.


I'm getting closer to finishing Manu by Kate Davies, I'm working my way up the yoke now.


However Manu has been put too one side for the time being as I got sucked into the Summertide Mystery Knit a long offered by Helen of Curious Handmade


I am much further on with this than the picture shows, I'm now well on with the second colour.  I decided to use a skein of Eden Cottage Yarns BFL sock in Periwinkle that I had in my stash and the new skein that I bought at Yarndale was for this project.  I'm not going to get this finished and blocked by the end of this month when the MKAL finishes but I should have a finish to share with you soon.


Brigitte said…
So great to see a new post from you. And great for you to be able to visit Yarndale. So wonderful that your daughter got the knitting and crocheting virus, too. :) Now you can hold a knitting get-together, just the two of you. :))
Margaret said…
It's so cool that Rosie is into knitting and crochet now too! Start them young, right? Love your new stash and love your knitting projects too. Too bad the kitten stops your knitting on the shawl. Have to train that little one! Easier said than done, I know. lol!
Jackie said…
It is wonderful that Rosie is discovering a love of fiber too! I only have sons and while they love my hand knits, they have no interest in learning themselves. You've been working on some wonderful projects!
Penny said…
I always love to see your knitting! It makes me want to keep trying. And I think it is so sweet that Rosie has taken an interest in knitting and crocheting. Hopefully the kitten will find a new interest. :)

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