I'm afraid that crafty content is likely to be a bit sparse round these parts for the near future as we have been adopted by an exceptionally cute, small, fluffy, ginger killing machine called Florence.


We have been looking for a new cat since we got back from New Zealand.  I hadn't planned on getting a kitten but when the farm where we get our vegetables put a note in the newsletter asking for homes for the kittens of a pregnant stray who had moved in on the farm it was inevitable that we would offer.   


We picked Florence up  a week last Monday, she is incredibly friendly, curious and everything has to be investigated and killed.  I don't fancy the chances of the local wildlife when she finally goes outside :/   So I can only knit or stitch while she is busy elsewhere or asleep at the moment so I'm mainly working on small projects that can be hastily stuffed into a project bag when Florence gets too interested.



I have however managed to finish up the first sock of the latest pair, knit in the Regia Stripe yarn again but for Christopher this time.


I have also finished the top of the pincushion from the Take a Lovely Sampler by Forget Me Nots in Stitches.



Katrina said…
Great colours on the sock Karoline. Your new kitty looks like a little Mischief! But very gorgeous too :)
Joanie said…
Love little Florence! I bet she certainly brightens up your life!
Joanie said…
Love little Florence! I bet she certainly brightens up your life!
Margaret said…
Florence is so so adorable! I've been enjoying your IG pics of her -- that dryer pic is my favorite! Enjoy her kittenhood while it lasts! And train the young kitten well -- Mia learned about not disturbing my craft stuff pretty well. She's a good girl and I'm sure Florence will learn too.
Ali said…
Your new kitty Florence is gorgeous! I have a soft spot for the ginger kitties. Great job on getting the socks finished x
Sheila said…
It looks like she is going to be 'your ' cat...you have all the fun stuff to play with ��
Ellen said…
I bet Rosie and Christopher are thrilled with the new addition to your family.
Melissa said…
Oh she's a little rascal already. Such a cute ball of fluff. It's hard to get angry at them when they're so cute.

I've been catching up on your previous posts - sounds like you've been having a good summer. The NZ trip must've been amazing. I hope to get there one day and see all the Hobbity things!

I see a sewing machine. Are you sewing much these days?
What a good heart you have to take a kitten in to your home. She is a doll. I hope you have many long years with her. big hugs Lynda Ruth
Brigitte said…
Duch a sweet little addition to your family.
I love the vibrant colours of the yarn you use for Christopher's socks. And nice stitching finish.
woolwoman said…
oh your little monster is soooo cute ! I bet she is the devil with knitting yarn LOL. the sock finish is awesome ! we are having Lauren come teach for our guild next month - wish you could be here. take care Mel
Dani - tkdchick said…
OMG she is freakin adorable!!!!!
geeky Heather said…
Oh, oh, she is so cute!!! I'd have a kitten in a heartbeat if DH wasn't so allergic.
Florence looks like a wonderful addition to your home and family. Nothing cuter than a kitten

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