Yarn Along

I decided that it was time that I hooked up with the Yarn Along again, not least because it will keep me blogging regularly over the summer holidays.


I'm currently knitting on Hartfield, I'm almost at the halfway point with this now.  My book is Wizard and Glass by Stephen King, the fourth book in the Dark Tower series.  I've been slowly re-reading the series after I picked up the last three in a charity shop a couple of years ago.


Margaret said…
That shawl pattern is lovely! Love the color you chose to knit it in. DS read the Dark Tower series. I haven't. Can't decide whether to tackle it or not.
I am really liking all of these shawls in deep reds and pinks and purples. The vibrant colors are so wonderful!
Mii Stitch said…
Have fun! I love your choice of colour :)
Sally said…
Love the shawl you are knitting. Such a pretty colour.
woolwoman said…
glad to hear you are knitting and reading and enjoying both ! Mel
So I'm not the only one who re-reads series of books. I've just gone back to the Outlander books, I'm on the first one at the moment.
Brigitte said…
Have fun with this beautiful knitting project.

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