New Zealand part 2: General Geekiness

One of the things that I was looking forward to when we visited New Zealand was being able to get my Tolkien Geek on!

And arriving at Wellington airport didn't disappoint


When we got inside the airport there are several Lord of the Rings and Hobbit installations, Smaug was particularly impressive.



Don't wake a sleeping dragon!

There were costumes and props from The Hobbit scattered around Wellington,  I think I saw most of the Dwarfs costumes (although the photo's didn't come out well).  Azog here was on display at Te Papa.


My sister treated me to the tour of Weta Workshop,  it was very interesting to get up close with all the props and to see the range of the films they work on.  We were not allowed to take photo's on the tour but there were plenty of props sculpture around outside and in the shop.



After the tour we went for a drink at the Roxy cinema, a beautiful Art Deco cinema owned and restored by Peter Jackson among others. It had Gandalf keeping an eye on things out side.


We didn't get much opportunity to visit many of the locations from the films, for some reason the rest of the family didn't think that would be interesting... But we did pay a visit to Mount Victoria (just of the centre of Wellington which was the location for the hobbits first encounter with a Black rider in Fellowship of the Ring.



butterfly said…
Wow looks like you had fun.
Margaret said…
Ah, I was hoping you would get some LOTR/Hobbit geekiness on! lol! Did you go to Hobbiton?? Looks like so much fun!!
Very interesting Karoline, I love the whole LOTR thing. It's a beautiful country.
woolwoman said…
Wow - those statues were even scary ! I'm glad to see the LOTR stuff - too bad your family didn't share your enthusiasm. Hope you have a great week ! Mel
Carol said…
What a fun airport!! Your trip sounds spectacular, Karoline :)
Brigitte said…
It must have been a lot of fun to visit all these figures from the movies.

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