And now for the stitching..

This week is all about catching up with the last few months stitching.  There hasn't been stunning amounts of progress but some has happened.

To start with here is Dorothy Walpole, since my last update I have finished off the alphabets and I'm now onto the over one verse.  However over one on 40 count, just what was I thinking!


Meanwhile Eileen Bennett's Flowers of the Field has gained a couple of new bands


I have also had a couple of new starts,  back in October I started Shepherds Bush's Sweet Stitches Fob.  I have finished the front


and made significant progress on the back.


My current project is the children's Christmas ornaments.  This year they have both decided on the same ornament, Paw Printings Penguin Hugs from the JCS Ornament Issue from 2004.  Here is my progress on the first one.



Melissa said…
I see lots of lovely stitching on the go! It's so cute that both your kids picked the same ornament. They must be so excited about Christmas coming up!
Carol said…
I love over one stitching, but on 40 ct!!!??? Yikes!! Good luck with that, Karoline :) The sampler is so pretty and I love ornament that your kids picked. I really miss having young children at home at Christmas time--enjoy the countdown to Christmas :)
llknbillburg said…
Love all you WIPs!! I am still plugging away on Dorothy too, also on the 40 ct. I am down to the floral section so my over one is done. Just keep working it. It's tedious but not so much as to make you crazy.

I am also working on Ann Bowers, on 45 ct. That over one work is never ending AND will make you crazy!!! Laura
Margaret said…
All of your stitching is lovely! I have Dorothy Walpole put away and need to get back to it. Sigh.
Giovanna said…
Lovely stitching - the penguins are going to be so cute :-)
Andrea said…
Over one ... 40ct ... are you mad! Wonderful stitching though.
Brigitte said…
Such lovely stitching projects. And there is progress on all of them. Oh wow, over one on 40ct, you are brave!

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