I had hoped to update here before now but my laptop got knocked off the table and the power cable got damaged last week.  Fingers crossed it seems to be sorted out now, I can charge the laptop now.

Summer is going by all too fast with various trips out, the plus side of which is there has been a lot of al-fresco knitting.


This means that I have now have a finished pair of socks.

Basic top down socks in Crazy Zauberball Indian Rose

I've also finished off the jumper I was knitting for Christopher

Jumper King Cole pattern 3360 knit in King Cole Galaxy  

I did try and get him to stand still for a picture but that was an epic fail!



Carol said…
Oh, the sweater for Christopher looks wonderful, Karoline... Seeing him running around like that just makes me smile :)
Love the photo of Christopher running in his gorgeous new sweater!
It looks like a million bucks on him:) Beautiful posh socks!!!
You did a super job on making them.
love Annette
Margaret said…
Great knitting! I think the pic of Christopher in action in his sweater is perfect - much more interesting than a posed picture! Love the socks too. I need to learn to knit socks.
Melissa said…
Lovely knitting!

How did Christopher get so big so quickly! ;-)
Von said…
Getting kids to hold still for a pic when they're not interested is impossible, lol! Love the results of your efforts!
Woolwoman said…
Wow Karoline , Christopher looks great in action with that snazzy pullover. The socks are awesome, hope you enjoy many more summer days of knitting outside. Mel
Sally said…
Love the sweater for Christopher. It is gorgeous.

The socks look lovely. Not tried socks yet!
Lovely knitting Karoline, it's so easy to take knitting outside - it's a very portable craft really. I hope your weather is better than ours - we've lost the lovely sunshine and it's a mix of rain and sun most days but cool with it.
Sharon said…
Summer has gone! Of course I am looking forward to the fall... Your knitting finishes are beautiful. Love that sweater on Christopher.
Brigitte said…
Such a lovely jumper for Christopher. It looks so nice on him. And the socks are so great, wonderful colour.

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