Reading Notes - May


My reading slowed down in May.  I finished 'The Awakening and other stories' by Kate Chopin for my bookclub,  the group generally liked the book and it got the some of the highest marks we've ever given one of our books, I think Willa Cather's O Pioneers is the only other one we've marked as high which I suspect says a lot about our group's reading preferences!

After The Awakening I moved onto 'The Crimson Petal and the White' by Michel Faber.  This is a very chunky book but very readable so when I get chance to sit down it moves along very quickly.  However the children have just had a week and a half off for half term so reading opportunities have been rather thin on the ground.


Giovanna said…
Reading... I seem to be doing less and less of that, shame on me. Those look very interesting.
Margaret said…
I have a feeling I'd like your reading group! :D I loved The Crimson Petal and the White!
butterfly said…
My reading is taking me almost a month to read one book ! well done on findind a little space in your life to read your books nothing better. hugs.
Penny said…
Read a description of both books, and they both sound interesting. Two more for my list. :)
Brigitte said…
I also have to dig up time for my books but now with the summer arriving it will be less stitching and more reading.
I read The Awakening a long time ago and remember that I loved it a lot.
Carol said…
I remember my reading time really lagged when my sons were growing up, Karoline. It's nice that you're getting any reading done at all with two busy little ones!
I'll have to check these out, I'm still looking for new authors to try at the moment. I'm re-reading a set at the moment and need something to fill the gap when finished.
Solstitches said…
Loved the Crimson Petal!
I had it on Audible and I watched the TV series too.
I could happily watch it again.
Loving North and South on Craft Lit and will be forever grateful to you for bringing my attention to Craft Lit which I had never heard of until you mentioned it in a blog post.

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