Reading Mojo Returns


April was a good reading month I may not have read many books (3) but for the first time since the children arrived I was wanting to sit down and read for extended periods of time so I think I can say that my reading mojo has finally reappeared.  It was just a shame that it coincided with the Easter holidays!

I was also lucky with my choice of books, all three of these are likely to be up there for my favourite book of the year. 'Monstrous Regiment' is up there as one of my favourite of Terry Pratchett's novels.  I loved Rumer Godden's 'In this House of Brede', which was April choice for the Cornflower book club. I was thoroughly sucked into the lives of the nuns and several parts of it had me in tears.  

I picked up 'Millions like us' by Virgina Nicholson from the library as I had enjoyed her previous book 'Singled Out'. 'Millions like us' is an account of women's experiences in Britain during the Second World War and was fascinating.  Now I am reading Kate Chopin's The Awakening for my local bookclub and hoping that the desire to read will hang around.


Sherry :o) said…
I love to read...and hate when I can't get into a book or don't have the desire! I love your skirt from a previous post.

Did you like "Jungle Book"? I remember seeing that as a kid at the movie theater (boy am I old)! I think it was one of the first I ever saw. I want to see "Frozen".

Sherry :o)
Margaret said…
Oh nice! I'lll have to look some of those up. Recently I've been listening to books more than reading, but I've gotten a yen to read instead of listen recently. Hopefully I will!
Melissa said…
It's always nice to read about others' book recommendations. I saw the Brede one over at Cornflower - must try and find that.
Von said…
It's fun to be reading again! I got thru 4 books while on vacation last week. :)
I missed your last post with the skirt, it looks great. Do you have a Kindle Karoline, I resisted getting one for a long time and now I wouldn't go back to paperbacks.
Marjo said…
I love to read but fight to have time to do it. I know when my son was small it was on the back burner for long periods. It is fun to get back, like returning to an old friend.
Ali said…
I love getting stuck into a good book, looking forward to warm summer days sitting out with a good book. I will have to look up some of your selections they look interesting.
Brigitte said…
Good for you that you are back into reading. I also love to read but my mojo is still away and I'm still searching for it.

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