On the Road Again

I think it's time for a catch up of where I am up to with some of my projects as well as announcing who the travelling pattern is off to next.

To start with I've enjoyed getting back to my rotation having finished 'Count your Blessings', I've finished 10 hours on Dorothy Walpole and CA Wells' Counterpane Sewing Case. 

Dorothy Walpole copyright Scarlet Letter 2011
stitched on 40ct Lakeside Linen Pearlised Barley and and DMC

Counterpane Sewing Case copyright CA Wells 2004  
stitched using kit materials

I was very pleased on the case to get to the end of the four-sided stitch although that now means I have to battle with the linen. It's a special unevenweave linen that was supplied with the kit and is a different count to the linen that the Portfolio was originally charted for and CA's instructions on what to do are sketchy at best.  All the filling designs are going to have to be altered.

There has been more frustrations with my knitting,  I got to knitting the neckband on Christopher's jumper then discovered that the neck opening wouldn't fit over his head.... So I have had to start over with the next size up.  

Jumper King Cole pattern 3360

knit in King Cole Galaxy
Since I finished my skirt, my sewing mojo has returned.  The next project I've been working on is a pair of quilts made from a layer cake and charm pack that I picked up from Fobbles a couple of years ago.  The layer cake will be a quilt for Rosie and the charms are one for her teddy.  I have both quilt tops pieced now and I have the backing fabric, just need to order some batting so I can get them finished.


And finally to the travelling pattern,  I counted the commentators who indicated that they would like the pattern next and using a random number generator that name that came out was Gillie.  Please drop me an email with your address Gillie so I can get the chart off to you.


Giovanna said…
Lovely stitching WIPs. How frustrating about the linen - but you seem to be coping very well with it :-)
Great sewing and knitting too.
Gillie said…
Oh how lovely, Karoline....was just thinking, where on earth did I leave my name for the travelling pattern, lol, and lo and behold, your blog popped to the top of my list....aha, of course, right there!

I took a class with CJ in Virginia...a little frustrating, was a bit advanced for me at the time and oh my, the groupies! So sorry about the linen but the pattern looks lovely. Have you shown the picture of it on your blog, must check?
Margaret said…
Fantastic! I love that quilt top you made for Rosie. So cute! Bummer about having to alter things with that linen -- good luck with that. Love all your stitching though. Such a bummer about Christopher's jumper too. :(
Carol said…
Wow! You've sure been busy, Karoline... That is a shame that the neck hole in the sweater was too small. Hope it can be fixed easily. I love your Dorothy Walpole WIP so much!
Penny said…
Dorothy Walpole is so pretty! It's never fun when you have to battle your stitching, but you are doing a lovely job! Too bad about the neckband - hopefully the next size up will work. Love the fabrics in your quilt top!
butterfly said…
Wnderful stitching Knitting and sewing, you are a busy bee, big hugs.
Von said…
You're doing lots of terrific projects, Karoline! Sorry some of them are causing some difficulties, but know you'll get through marvelously.
Dani - tkdchick said…
Its nice when you can get back to your usual stitching!
Ali said…
Lovely quilt tops looking forward too seeing them finished. Good luck with the linen doesn't sound very nice to work with.
Anne said…
Wow! Dorothy is just so beautiful! ANother amazing sampler on my to do list. Good luck with the linen and altering the design. Such a pretty yarn for the jumper but annoying about having to restart :(
Brigitte said…
Great to see the progress on Dorothy. And that CA Wells piece looks very interesting. It's just a pity that you have to do such a lot of adjusting due to the linen.
A great quilt top for Rosie.
What pretty stitching you've been working on. LOVE the quilts you're making - the fabrics are beautiful.
Hope you can fix the gorgeous jumper too! love Annette
Solstitches said…
Beautiful stitching Karoline.
Nice work on the pretty quilt too.
What a shame about the knitting but hopefully that is all put right now.

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