Count your Blessings

As I mentioned a couple of posts back I was the lucky recipient of one of the travelling patterns, Count your Blessings by Shakespear's Peddler.  I'm a bit late blogging my finish but 'life' has been busy as we gear up to the end of the school year.  

Without further ado here is my 'Count your Blessings'  I radically changed the colours, it's stitched on a piece of Dusk Lugana from Silkweaver using Gloriana silks (all of them have been in my stash for going on 10 years)


I slipped up last time I posted about this and forgot to mention that Bekca had sent a little gift along with the chart.  There was a cute postcard and chart as well as a lovely shade of blue DMC.  Thank you very much Bekca.


So it is now time for the chart to resume it's travels, if you would like to be the next stitcher please let me know in the comments and I will choose someone next week.


Solstitches said…
Lovely finish! I really like your choice of colours.
I've already stitched this so don't need to be included in the draw.
Margaret said…
Beautiful finish! Please don't include me in the draw. I love watching but that's about it. lol!
Ellen said…
Love your changes of colors, very pretty!

Would love a chance to stitch this design, thank you!

Melissa said…
I love the colours you chose!

I don't need to be included in the draw, thanks.
Mii Stitch said…
This is a lovely finish Karoline :) Please put my name in the hat, it would be fun to stitch this design!
Gillie said…
I would love to be in the draw, thanks, Karoline. Love your choice of colours!
butterfly said…
Lovely stitching , have a fun weekend.
Erica said…
I love your choice of colors!
They all go together beautifully!

Please don't include me in your drawing. I finished this piece a while ago in gray to match my house. It is still waiting for a frame unfortunately. (Sigh)!
Andrea said…
A great finish, love the colour changes.

(Stitched it, so no need to include me)
Carol said…
Very pretty finish, Karoline, and that was so sweet of Bekca to include those extras... I'll pass on the chance right now--just too many other projects waiting in the wings :)
So beautiful! Love the silks you stitched with and the colors.
love Annette
Brigitte said…
i love how you changed the colours in this little piece, That makes it your very personal piece.
Don't include me in the draw, I have so many things on my plate right now that someone else should get the chance to stitch it.
Fantastic finish, so different to all the others.

I stitched this one a while back so don't include me. It's nice to see it is still doing the rounds, funnily enough this is the second TP I have seen this week that has resurfaced. Now I wonder where the Life's a Stitch one has got to?

Here's my finish -

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