Send up the bat signal!

I finished my rotation slot on Forget Me Nots in Stitches Anniversary Roses at the weekend, I'm a little bit further on with the large flower.


I realised that I only have two more bands to go once I finish this one.  It's been a while since I unrolled the full sampler for a sampler, so here it is.


My next project is Just Nan's Mermaid Heart Whimzi,  I'm almost done now, just a bit more back stitch and the beads.  I should have a finish very soon.


My big project for last week however was to make Rosie a costume for 'Super Hero' day at school. After some discussion it was decided she would go as Batwoman.  Fortunately there are some good blog tutorials for making a bat cloak and I had a suitable piece of black cloth in my fabric stash.  So one bat clock and a felt mask and bat for her leotard she was good to go.



Margaret said…
Love Rosie's costume! Fantastic! Love that Lauren Sauer piece -- OMG. Just gorgeous. And you're almost done!
Von said…
Awesome costume! Great job, Karoline!!
butterfly said…
Love all of your stitching it looks beautiful.
Love the bat outfit you did a great job hugs.
Wonderful costume! Stunning Forget Me Not, so gorgeous! Love Mermaids Heart - beautiful colors.
Great progress on both wips.
love Annette
Chris said…
I love Rosie's costume! She looks amazing.
Beautiful stitching. You are close to a big finish with this sampler.
Erica said…
OOOH! Anniversary Roses is just lovely!

GREAT costume by the way! Love that photo! That one's a keeper!
Melissa said…
Your bat girl looks so cute! I remember stitching a Power Rangers outfit for my son. Rosie must've had a lot of fun in that costume.

Anniversary Roses is looking so pretty!
Dani - tkdchick said…
Wow your sampler is just amazing! I love it!
Carol said…
Oh, isn't your little Batwoman adorable--such a great costume :)

And your sampler is stunning, Karoline--really lovely work!
woolwoman said…
Batgirl is awesome !!! - I used to watch that old Adam West show as a kid and we all used dish towels around our neck to play "batman" in the yard. Fun memories to recall. OMGosh your "roses" sampler is truly stunning. you are almost there
Enjoy Mel
Brigitte said…
Little Batwoman looks absolutely great!
Nice progress on your big band sampler.
Andrea said…
Great costume. Beautiful stitching. Your sampler is gorgeous.
Tina said…
Fell in love with your sampler it's gorgeous,do you know if it's still available to buy?
Thank you
Bev said…
the sampler is just divine, beautiful stitching x
Solstitches said…
Cute costume for Miss Rosie :)
Your sampler is gorgeous and the JN is very pretty too.

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