Getting back to my routine

Life is calming down again after half-term and we are all getting back to our routine especially after last week when we had an important birthday as Rosie turned 6! As a result I'm hoping to get back to updating here more regularly. 


Last time I did a stitching update I mentioned that I had finished my rotation slot on The Drawn Thread's Spot of Winter, I have now got round to taking an updated photo.


I have also finished my slot on the CA Wells Whitework Sewing Companion, but as all I've done so far is to outline the main piece with four-sided stitch it wouldn't make for a very interesting photo yet.
So now I'm back to Anniversary Roses which is coming along nicely, I'm about three quaters of the way through now.

I also had some time for finishing at the weekend so Barrick Samplers Five birds has been finished into a pillow.



Mii Stitch said…
Great stitching update and a sweet pillow finish!!!
Melissa said…
Anniversary roses piece is so pretty. I love the little pillow finish too. Now I want to stitch that same piece!

Happy Birthday to Rosie! How time flies!
butterfly said…
Happy Birthday to Rosie, lovely stitching and a lovely post.
So pretty and your stitching is as well.
Jackie said…
Happy Belated Birthday to Rosie! She is a cutie!
Margaret said…
Happy belated birthday to Rosie! I can't believe how much your kids have grown. Love your stitching!
Von said…
Nice progress!! And happy birthday to Rosie!!
Woolwoman said…
Happy belated birthday to big girl Rosie!!! Wow 6, I remember when she was born! Your 7 birds pillow is totally adorable. Glad you finished your other goals. Fun to see the kids at the beach. Looked cold LOL
Enjoy your week Mel
Many happy returns to the birthday girl. I always love the little birds in Drawn Thread designs, lovely stitching as always Karoline.
Brigitte said…
So nice to see your stitching progress. Anniversaries is a great piece and wow, what a lovely little pillow you made with the Five Birds. I totally forgot about this chart, I have to pull it out and stitch it in the near future for my monthly bird stitching goal.

Happy belated birthday to your little girl - well, at age 6 she's your big little girl :)
Carol said…
Happy, happy birthday to Miss Rosie--how sweet she is!!

Love your Spot of Winter, Caroline--that series has always caught my eye and I really should sit down and stitch all of them soon :)
Andrea said…
A Happy Belated Birthday to Rosie. 6 years, how time flies. Beautiful stitching and a sweet pillow finish.
Giovanna said…
Very nice stitching - the pillow is very sweet.
Ellen said…
Wishing Rosie a belated happy birthday. My how the years have flown by!

I always enjoy seeing your lovely needlework projects!
Ellen said…
Wishing Rosie a belated happy birthday. My how the years have flown by!

I always enjoy seeing your lovely needlework projects!
geeky Heather said…
Lovely stitching....Anniversary Roses is just beautiful.

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