This year I've decided to try rotating my projects every 10 hours of stitching time again.  I used to do this before I had the children but stopped while my stitching time was minimal.  10 hours is about my weekly stitching time so we'll see how I get on.

After I finished Mermaid Heart last week, I still had a few hours left on the slot so at Rosie's request I've started the matching Whimzi design.  I've got past the half way point so this should get finished next time round.

Just Nan - Mermaid Heart Whimzi copyright 2006
using the recommended fabric and silks

Next up was my new year start, The Scarlet Letters Dorothy Walpole which I've been really looking forward to starting. I've decided to stitch it with DMC and 40 count Lakeside Linen Pearlised Barley as I had a suitable piece in my stash so progress will be slow until I get used to the 40 count.

Dorothy Walpole copyright Scarlet Letter 2011


Giovanna said…
Nice new start, and nice going on the Whimzi - enjoy your rotation.
Erica said…
Lovely new start! Dorothy is one of my favorites. Definitely on my to-do list.
I have always admired stitchers who could work a rotation. I could never make it work for me.
It makes for more interesting blog entries I think as well. For me though, I guess I will stick to my one at a time stitching.
Rotating is a good idea, it keeps you fresh. The colours are so pretty in the Just Nan piece.
I went back and had a look at your finish of JN Mermaid - WOW! Congrats on a gorgeous finish. This matching design is also soo pretty. Good for you to rotate your stitching. Makes it fun! Great start on Dorothy - the fabric looks pretty against the border color. Great starts.
love Annette
Dani - tkdchick said…
Two great new starts!
Jackie said…
I think you'll find that your eyes accommodate the 40 count pretty easily. A strong light always helps too.

I'm looking forward to seeing your projects progress this year!
Jackie said…
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Margaret said…
Both projects look great! Hope the rotation works well for you.
Brigitte said…
I'm also trying a rotation at the moment. I hope it will last for a couple of weeks. Good luck with yours.
Great new start!
Penny said…
Mermaid Heart is so pretty! Nice start on Dorothy! Such a lovely sampler and one that I hope to get to someday. :)

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