More Dorothy

I'm still stitching on Dorothy Walpole this week even though I hit my 10 hours on her.  For the SAL group on Facebook, the leader has split the sampler up into monthly installments so I've decided to use the guide and stitch an installment each time Dorothy comes up in my rotation.

Unfortunately I had a visit from the frog this weekend and had to reverse stitch half of the top border, but I'm feeling like I'm making progress again

Dorothy Walpole copyright Scarlet Letter 2011

I've also been working on the pieced bowl from the class I took at the Harrogate show.  I've now finished putting the outside together, I've started piecing the inside and I have half the bits pieced.



Mii Stitch said…
Both projects look really nice!
Chris said…
Gorgeous progress on both pieces!
Margaret said…
Beautiful progress on both! I love that pieced bowl!
Melissa said…
The pieced bowl is so pretty! I'm sorry you had to frog but Dorothy is looking good! She is such a pretty piece.
Brigitte said…
Great to see your progress on Dorothy. And the frog will soon be forgotten.
That's an interesting bowl you learned to make Looking forward to seeing it finished.
Andrea said…
Both pieces look wonderful.
Shebafudge said…
Both look lovely but the bowl is fantastic!

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