Final finishes of 2013

Thank you all for your Christmas wishes, we had a lovely laid back holiday this year.  Christopher was old enough to really 'get' Christmas this year and everyone has stayed healthy unlike last year when we were all poorly over the holidays.  We haven't done anything particularly special just hung out at home and caught up with family apart from Saturday when my Mum, Rosie and I went to see Northern Ballet's production of Cinderella.  I thought the production was very good although I did miss the Tchaikovsky score (NB had commissioned a new one) when I asked Rosie what her favourite part was she answered 'All of it!'

I have two final finishes for 2013 to share with you, I have stitched ornaments for the children, as usual I haven't got the 'finishing' done yet (whoops!) Both ornaments are from the Just Cross Stitch Ornament Edition

For Rosie:

A Victorian Christmas Tree copyright Needlecrafts Unlimited Co. 2001

And Christopher:

 Snow Joe copyright Heart in Hand Needlearts 2000 

With these two finishes that takes me to 8 stitching finishes for the year. I was most pleased to finish Juda Hayle in Miniature and to get it off my wip list this year.  

Because of this I've had a long hard think about my stitching goals for 2014.  I have purposely not set goals since I had the kids but now Christopher is at nursery 3 days a week and will start full time school in September, I'm starting to have much more predictable stitching time so I'm going to set a few.  The other thing I am going to do this year is go back to having a rotation.  Joining in with Theme-a-licious has been fun for the last few years but now I really want to finish a few of my long term class wips.  I have decided to focus on finishing CA Wells Danish Whitework Portfolio (from 2005) and Forget Me Nots in Stitches Anniversary Roses (from 2010)

I am also going to join in with the SAL on The Scarlett Letter's Dorothy Walpole over on the Sampler World Group on Facebook.  I have wanted to stitch Dorothy for several years so I decided that now was a good time! These three projects are going to be the core of my rotation and I will also have a couple of small/medium projects from my stash as well.

Congratulations if you've made it this far!  I would like to wish you all a great New Year.


Giovanna said…
Very pretty ornaments! I hope you have a very good and very stitch 2014.
Ellen said…

It sounds like you had a lovely Christmas. Your children are at such a fun age.

I'm always amazed as to how much stitching you get accomplished with two young on.

Enjoy your Dorothy stitch-along. She is such a pretty sampler.

Happy new year!
Happy New Year Karoline! Your ornament is lovely! I'm glad your Holidays have been Merry and may your new year be out of sight! :)
Thank you for all your lovely visits and kind words to my blog all the year through!
Margaret said…
Your goals for 2014 sound great to me. I can't believe Christopher is old enough to be attending school full time in the fall. Wow! Where has the time gone? Love your ornament finishes! Happy 2014!
Carol said…
Such pretty ornaments, Karoline! It will be nice to have a bit more time to yourself now that the kids are getting bigger...

Wishing you every happiness in 2014!
Joanie said…
Happy New Year, Karoline. I wish you much joy and happiness in 2014!
Sharon said…
Pretty ornaments! Congrats on all your finishes this year, I had about the same number. I sometimes wish I could stitch faster, but I have been trying to just enjoy the journey and not trying to race to a finish.

I hope your and your family will have a very Happy New Year!
Andrea said…
Christopher ... school age ... no! I think tile certainly does fly.

Beautiful ornaments.

A Happy New Year!
Happy New Year Karoline, I look forward to seeing your creations during 2014.
Anonymous said…
I can hardly wait to watch your progress through 2014 with your goals!
driftwood said…
there is something so lovely about the ballet at Christmas. Last year we went to a digital screening of Bolshoi performance of The Nutcracker. x
Brigitte said…
I wish you a wonderful stitchy year 2014 and am looking forward to seeing your progress on your goals.
Penny said…
Sounds like a wonderful Christmas! And what fun it must have been for you and Rosie to go see Cinderella! I agree with Ellen - your children are at a fun age. It gets harder and harder to spend(find)time with them as they get older. Lovely ornaments - Snow Joe is so cute! Wishing you and your family all the very best for 2014! :)
Jan Gartlan said…
You have great plans for 2014. I love your finishes.

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