I know I'm a bit late in posting about Yarndale and those of you who follow me on instagram will have seen these photos already but I wanted to share them over here.

Yarndale was a much anticipated addition to the wool festival line-up over here, so much so that there where far more visitors to the show than I think the organisers anticipated. Not to gloss over the problems with parking, toilets and disabled access but none of them impacted on me directly and I know that they are being taken into consideration for the future of the show, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I hope it becomes a regular event.

I took the train over to Skipton on the Saturday morning and decided to walk up to the Auction Market through the park so I got to see all the fabulous yarn bombing that Lucy had organised (for more photos see Lucy's blog, Attic24)


Once I got in I had a slow mooch round taking in everything that was there as best I could as it was starting to get very busy, too busy for me to take many photo's unfortunately.  But I did get ones of the alpaca's and angora bunnies.


After a lunch break with friends it was back to the serious business of decided what to spend my birthday money on.  After much consideration I got Ann Kingstone's Hatfield shawl pattern and a hank of her 'Chuffed' cashmere to knit it with and the pattern for the Kaylee Gauntlets from One Hand knits to be knit in the purple yarn from Eden Cottage Yarns


Finally a shot of what must have been the iconic shot of Yarndale, the bunting strewn entrance (again more on Attic24)


As summer was treating us to a final flurish last weekend, we took the children down to the Middleton Railway on the Sunday for a ride and then for walk in Middleton Woods.




butterfly said…
Lovely post, love all the wool bits .
Margaret said…
Lucky you to go to Yarndale! Looks fabulous! Love the new stash too. That pic of your DH with the kids walking away is wonderful.
Rowyn said…
Looks like it was a fun day!
Mii Stitch said…
Lovely post! I love the banners made of woolly triangles, it looks fantastic!! And that last picture, is so precious...
Jackie said…
Beautiful colored yarn you came home with! I would have picked the same. A little cashmere doesn't hurt either!

While it was crowded, etc it is good to see so much interest. Love, love, love the buntings!
It's handy when such an event is so close to home, I'm glad you enjoyed it and found some things you liked.

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