Theme-a-licious Check In - Opulent October

As I said in my last Theme-a-licious post I didn't have an existing wip that fit this months criteria, so I just had to start something new.  The project I chose was Just Nan's Mermaid Heart - beads, charms, blending filament and luscious silks. Very opulent.

Just Nan - Mermaid Heart copyright 2006
using the recommended fabric and silks

Rosie has already decided that this one is for her, so I need to crack on and get it stitched!

However my main focus for this month is Juda Hale in Miniature,  I am on track to meet my goal of getting this one stitched by the end of the month.

Juda Hale School Sampler in Miniature copyright Eileen Bennett 2004
Stitched using the kit materials

And of course I could resist starting Mary's Sampler from Plum Street Samplers.  Here it is with the first two parts stitched.

Plum Street Samplers - Mary's Sampler copyright 2013
using 36 count Silweaver Cameo linen and a mix of Weeks and Gentle Art threads


Margaret said…
All three projects look great! I'm looking forward to the Juda Hayle finish.
butterfly said…
Lovely WIPs , I like to work on more than one at a time.
Carol said…
Lovely projects, Karoline. I think I may start Mary's Sampler soon myself :)
Rowyn said…
Love them all!
Sally said…
They are look brilliant! I've just got caught up on Mary's Sampler ready for part 4 :)
Ellen said…
Your projects all look great, Karoline.

Looks like it won't be much longer until you complete your Juda Hayle sampler.
Giovanna said…
They're all lovely WIPs - I can see how the Just Nan would appeal to a lovely little girl :-)
Lovely vibrant colours, you do like your Just Nan designs Karoline.
woolwoman said…
AWWWW - your Mary's sampler is so cute. I'm behind as usual but Mary and Joseph is done. Love your JN piece for October, I can see why Rosie claimed it. Glad Juda is on track for an October finish YGG - any knitting ? Take care Mel
Jan Gartlan said…
Pretty WIPs. You have convinced me to start the mystery sampler as it's so cute

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