A Knitting Update

An update especially for Melody who's been agitating to see how my knitting is getting along. 

First up is a finish!  Christopher needed some new winter mittens so I picked up some Navy Sirdar Snuggly and knit them using this pattern

Next Deco, I feel like I've hit a milestone on this as the body is now finished and I've made a start on the sleeve.

Of course I have some basic socks on the go, the wool is Zauberball Sock Yarn in Indian Rose.

I felt twitchy the other day and ended up casting on a new shawl - Willow by Victoria Magnus of Eden Cottage Yarns.  I'm using Eden Cottage Yarn's Pendle in Buddleja.



butterfly said…
Well done on your knitting.
Margaret said…
All your projects are looking great!
woolwoman said…
Oh - aren't Christopher's mittens darling. Good job on getting that far along with Deco. I am trying to muster courage to start a Kate Davies cabled hoodie. Didn't know about Eden yarns - so pretty. Did you go to that AllyPally event that so many of UK knitting bloggers were talking about ? Thanks for the update! Mel
Jane Galley said…
Love the mittens, the colour of that sock yarn is gorgeous
Sally said…
Oooh you have lots of lovely knitting there. I really need to pick my afghan up again.
Erica said…
Your knitting projects look so warm and cozy!
i think I am going to return to some of my knitting wips. You have inspired me!
Melissa said…
WOW You've been pumping out the knitting! Love everything. The colour you are using for those socks is simply gorgeous!
Jackie said…
Love all your knitting projects! What you have featured here are all in colors I enjoy.
What could be nicer than wearing snuggly mittens knitted by your mum:-) Your knitting is all lovely Karoline.
Kathy Ellen said…
My goodness, but your knitting needles have been clicking and creating some wonderful projects!

I was reading your last blog post too and saw the gorgeous finish of Judah Hale. You work is wonderful!

Andrea said…
Christopher will be needing those mittens! It's gone so cold lately. Love your other projects too.
Solstitches said…
Some lovely projects in the works Karoline.
The mittens are so cute and that shawl is going to be beautiful.
Carol said…
So much knitted loveliness in this post, Karoline!!
Brigitte said…
Great knitting projects, all of them. Indian Rose is a wonderful colour.

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