Yarn Along

Time to join up with Ginny for this weeks Yarn Along

Jumper King Cole pattern 3360
knit in King Cole Galaxy

Knitting - As I said last week I have finished knitting the pieces for Rosie's jumper and now I am sewing it up.  I am really looking forward to getting back to my Deco which is a real incentive to crack on with the stitching up!

Reading - the other book that I have on the go at the moment is via the Craftlit podcast.  I've been listening to Heather for a couple of years now and have thoroughly enjoyed revisiting some old friends with her.  The current book is Edith Wharton's Age of Innocence which I first read twenty years ago so it's good to go back to it.


Scully said…
That looks like it will be a lovely jumper for Rosie...the yarn is lovely. Is the Deco the Kate Davies one? ♥
Margaret said…
Rosie's sweater looks lovely!!! And that Deco sweater -- OMG. I love it! Didn't need to see that. lol!
butterfly said…
Lovely jumper, just love the colour.
Brigitte said…
So it won't take long to see the jumper all finished. Looking forward to it.
woolwoman said…
Congrats on finishing the lovely red jumper for Rosie - I'm sure she will be sporting it this fall.
I've been knitting consistently all summer so I should have some new things to enjoy this fall. Rowan 54 came in my box a week or so ago and I have picked a fair isle to do - yippee - colorwork - it's been such a long time ! Enjoy
Carol said…
Oh, you're so close to a finish on Rosie's sweater--she'll have it just in time for the cooler fall weather :)
Anonymous said…
Your knitting looks lovely, what gorgeous yarn.
Happy weekend (:
Penny said…
Rosie's jumper is such a pretty color!
Monica said…
never read that book... do you recommend it?
Solstitches said…
Looking forward to seeing MissRosie model her new jumper.
Thanks for the link to Craftlit. I did not know about that.
Looking forward to listening.

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