Theme-a-licious Update - Jubilee July

My goal for 'Jubilee July' was to get back to my rotation, which was what I did!  I posted photos of the first couple of projects in my check in post.

The other two projects I worked on for this month were a new start - Merry Cox's Basket of Flowers pinkeep from SANQ Spring 2004


I'm almost two thirds of the way through this, as I'm stitching this over one on 36 count Lakeside Linen it's tiny. I've included the scissors to give an idea of scale.  I've gone for various Gloriana silks from my stash rather than the recommended threads.

For the final project in this rotation round I returned to 'Along the James River' by Forget Me Nots in Stitches.  I've started work on the inside of the pocket, I got all the inside basting done and started on the borders


Along the James River copyright Forget Me Nots In Stitching 2012
using the kit materials

Next months theme is 'Airborne August'  Heather's guidance is 'What's that soaring through the air with the greatest of ease? It's the things with wings on your WIPs!'

Of my current rotation projects there is a dearth of anything with wings (although I'm sure there must be some birds hiding in the trees in 'A Stitch in Pine'!)  so as I'm off on holiday later this month I'm going to pull out With My Needle's 'Fruits of the Vine' to take with me as there are plenty of birds on it.  As I'm hoping to finish 'Basket of Flowers'  this month I shall start an old freebie from Barrick Samplers called 'Five Birds'


Chris said…
Lovely progress on both projects. Such tiny stitches :)
That is just so tiny and so bonnie too.
Anonymous said…
Lovely progress pics!
Have a good week (:
Margaret said…
I love both pieces -- so pretty!
butterfly said…
Love all your work great progress.
Bertie said…
MC is always wonderful, her designs stay in voque!
Laurens's design is wonderful, I did see it and look forward to your progress.
Melissa said…
Looks like you've been busy. My, that's tiny alright with the over one! Looks very dainty and pretty!
Carol said…
Love the teeny-tiny stitching, Karoline! Looks like you're making excellent progress on your projects...
Penny said…
Pretty colors and beautiful stitches in Basket of Flowers!
Jan Gartlan said…
Fabulous WIPs

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