Theme-a-licious Check In - Airborne August

I'm going to start my Theme-a-licious check in with a project that doesn't quite meet the theme but as I mentioned in my plans for August I'm sure must have birds hiding in the trees...

A Stitch in Pine copyright Hillside Samplings 1997
stitched using Gentle Arts Threads

I have finished 'A Stitch in Pine'.  I have the button to go on but I will add that when I (eventually) do the finishing.  I started in in November 2011, the chart and materials where a gift from a friend. She also sent a small cut of fabric to stitch the small pillow on the chart so I have gone straight onto working on that.


A Stitch in Pine copyright Hillside Samplings 1997
stitched using Gentle Arts Threads

Now onto a project that does include birds - 'Fruits of the Vine'  We've been away on holiday this last week so I packed 'Fruits of the Vine' to work on, being away has meant I got some more stitching time than normal.  So I am very happy with my progress. 
Fruits of the Vine by With My Needle copyright 2010
stitched using the kit materials
I have now finished both parts for the needleroll and fob as well as making a start on the sampler. 

I was hoping to be able to share Rosie's finished jumper as I finished the sewing up while away however when she came to try it on the neckband was too tight so I need to redo it and of course I hadn't taken suitable needles with me. So that's the first job for this week...


beautiful stitches !

bisous from France,
Margaret said…
I love your finish! Very pretty and I see a bird peeking out for sure. Fruits of the Vine is gorgeous so far! Lovely!
Brigitte said…
Both projects look gorgeous.
butterfly said…
Just love what you are stitching .
Melissa said…
Oh everything is so pretty! The stitching for Fruits of the Vine seems so delicate too.
I love Fruits of the Vine, it's a neat design. What a pity about the neck not being right - that's very frustrating.
Terri said…
Beautiful projects and beautiful stitching!
Penny said…
Beautiful stitches on your finished piece! Fruits of the Vine is looking so pretty! Glad you were able to get a little extra stitching time. :)
Solstitches said…
Beautiful stitching Karoline.
I love that I see projects here that I've never seen anywhere else.
Jo said…
Beautiful - I love a stitch in pine

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