Theme-a-licious Check In - Jubilee July

Here is my progress on the first couple of my rotation projects

First up was Hillside Samplings 'A Stitch In Pine'  This project had moved on a lot since I last shared a photo as I'd kept it out upstairs and put a few stitches in when I had a couple of minutes.  This time I picked it up I finished the last tree, the four sided stitch and the alphabet.

A Stitch in Pine copyright Hillside Samplings 1997
stitched using Gentle Arts Threads

Then I picked Juda Hale in Minature back up and I have finally finished the (over one on 35 count) eyelet alphabet!  I'm so glad to have it done as it was a major PITA to stitch. I left the needle in the photo to give you an idea of the scale of this project.


Juda Hale School Sampler  in Miniature copyright Eileen Bennett 2004
  Stitched using the kit materials

I'm also making good progress on the jumper the sleeves are knitting up very quickly, I'm over half way up the first already.

Jumper King Cole pattern 3360
knit in King Cole Galaxy 
In other news there was a very special event last week as a certain small boy turned three!

I will leave you with a snap of my cornflowers, I was very glad to see that I'm not the only one enjoying them!



Mii Stitch said…
Lovely post with great updates!
Ellen said…
Great progress on all 3 projects!

Happy birthday to Christopher!

Melissa said…
Awwww, Happy Birthday to your sweet boy! What a cutie-pie!

The Stitch in Pine looks lovely. You're a brave woman to stitch that sampler over one on 35 ct!

Enjoy your cornflowers - I love them too.
Sally said…
Lovely photos! You are stitching on some beautiful pieces.

Happy Birthday to your son :)
Giovanna said…
Happy Birthday to Christopher (can't believe he's 3 already...). Your stitching and knitting are always wonderful - the pine tree sampler is such a pretty design.
Erica said…
You have made wonderful progress on everything!
Congrats on your miniature! Nice to have it finished. I know what you mean by PITA! It was downright painful at times whrn I was working on My Beloved!
woolwoman said…
I just can't believe Christopher is 3 already - soooo cute with his blond locks. Your Juda Hale is just wonderful - OMGosh - I admire you for tackling that one. The Pines is one I have not seen - really liked it too. Miss Rosie's jumper is looking great too. Glad you have time for knitting. Have a great weekend Mel
Margaret said…
I can't believe Christopher has turned 3! Happy belated birthday to him! Love your stitching too. That Juda Hayle in miniature is amazing!
Anne said…
Gorgeous WIP's Karoline! Love all the specialty stitches in those trees!! Happy Birthday to your baby boy!!
Love your miniature sampler. Your projects are so pretty. You stitch beautifully. love Annette
Andrea said…
Lovely stitching. I can't believe Christopher is 3 already, it only seems likes yesterday you announced his arrival. Happy Birthday!
Brigitte said…
Great progress on your stitching and your knitting projects.
Lovely stitching and knitting Karoline, I don't know how you do the over one - I just dislike doing it so much. Best Wishes to the bonnie birthday boy.
Carol said…
Aww... Happy Birthday to your son--what a cutie!! Your stitching is lovely--amazing how you can stitch over one on 35 ct. I have yet to try that :)
Penny said…
Love the different stitches in A Stitch in Pine. Juda Hayle in Miniature is beautiful and over one - amazing! What a sweet picture of your son. :) Happy Birthday to him!
Solstitches said…
Beautiful stitching Karoline.
Can Christopher really be three already?
That is a lovely picture of him :)

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