Along the James River Progress

Just a quickie post to update you on my pre-stitching progress - my colonial scene is growing steadily and I've started building my house.

Along the James River copyright Forget Me Nots In Stitching 2012
using the kit materials

The knitting project I'm focusing on at the moment is a jumper for Rosie,  she asked me to knit her one at the end of the Easter holidays so we took a trip over to Baa Ram Ewe and she chose a pattern and the wool.  The big surprise was that the wool wasn't pink!  Unfortunately I the size I started knitting proved to be too small so I had to rip back and restart.

Jumper King Cole pattern 3360
knit in King Cole Galaxy 


Giovanna said…
That is such a pretty project, and it looks like fun too - lovely stitching. It's a shame you had to restart the jumper, but it's looking great.
Margaret said…
Oh my gosh, that James River piece is stunning! I'm in love! Love what Rosie chose for you to knit her as well.
Wow, your James River is just gorgeous. I can't wait to see the jumper and sorry you had to rip and start again but that just means it's got extra love
Brigitte said…
What a stunning piece James River is. You made some great progress on it. I also love your knitting project.
Carol said…
Ah, such a pretty scene! Really lovely stitching, Karoline. And how lucky Rosie is to have you to knit something which she personally chose :)
CJ in OK ;-) said…
Love that stitched piece so far. Looking forward to seeingit all. Pretty sweater start too. CJ in OK
Vonna Pfeiffer said…
a lovely scene and a great house starting to form! :)
Penny said…
Beautiful stitching, and a nice start on Rosie's jumper too!
I like Rosie's choice of colour and your stitching project is a very pretty design - it looks very detailed. I'm looking forward to a visit to Baa Ram Ewe in August as I hear they have opened a new shop in Harrogate.
Carol said…
Along the James River is gorgeous - love those colors!
Sharon said…
Beautiful progress on your James River piece-so pretty! Love the knitting too.
Mii Stitch said…
Lovely progress on your stitching Karoline!
woolwoman said…
what a rich beautiful color Rosie chose for her jumper. YGG on James River - it's looking lovely
Cheers! mel
oh oh oh juste merveilleux ! bisous bisous
bisous bisous

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