Sorry for my recent absence a combination of the Easter holidays from school and then Christopher catching Chicken Pox has meant that there hasn't been much time for me this month.  So I've been reaching for my stitching, knitting & books to unwind when I've had a moment to myself rather than sitting down with the laptop.

So this is a bit of a drive by post with a couple of things that I finally 'finished' in March and I shall be back next week with the 'Theme-a-licious' round up for the month.

First I finally got round to sewing up the cardigan I was knitting for Rosie.  I finished the knitting last year, quite why it took so long to put together is anyone's guess
Cardigan from Debbie Bliss Magazine Autumn/Winter 2011
knit in Debbie Bliss Angel

I also managed to 'finish' this little design from HobNob designs that I stitched back in 2004!


Giovanna said…
Lovely finishes! Ah, the chickenpox... it's good to have it behind you, isn't it? :-)
Margaret said…
Beautiful finishes. I remember kids with chicken pox. Not fun, but good that it's over with.
Sherry :o) said…
Love the finishes...and I am glad you are over the chicken pox...hopefully you can have a much smoother May!
Sharon said…
Poor Christopher, that is no fun at all. I love your finishes-very pretty!
Melissa said…
That's a lovely cardi on Rosie! She's such a pretty girl!

Ah the chicken pox...rites of passage, that! Hopefully you are now done with it at your house!

Cute little finish. Is purple your favourite colour?
Jane Galley said…
Rosie looks very happy with her new cardigan. Hope everyone is now feeling a lot better
Solstitches said…
A short post but a very sweet one.
Miss Rosie looks adorable in her pretty new cardi.
Love the stitched finish also.
Love Rosie's sweater she looks so happy. And what a beautiful ornament you made. love Annette
glad the chicken pox is over.
Rosie's cardigan looks just great on her, she really suits the colour. I remember when my son had chickenpox, he was miserable for almost two weeks - the joys of childhood:-)
Andrea said…
Sweet cardigan, love the colour. Aww chicken pox, not nice. Your stitching finish is very pretty.
Chris said…
Rosie looks fabulous! What a great cardigan.
Sweet small stitching finish too.
I hope that everyone is well now.
Have a great week!
Isabelle said…
What a gorgeous cardigan for your beautiful Rosie!! I am always leery of mohair although I love how it looks - very impressed you made a whole cardigan out of it.
The finish is adorable - perfect for the season!
Carol said…
Isn't Rosie adorable in her new cardigan--beautiful finish, Karoline! And your tiny spring finish is so cute--hope you are enjoying some lovely spring weather by now :)
woolwoman said…
Rosie's new cardi is lovely and so is she ! so proud in her little purple sweater. the cube finish is very sweet also. Sorry to hear about the chicken pox outbreak around your house. aacckkk - hope things will be calming down soon. Melody
Aussie Stitcher said…
Poor Christopher, hope is on the improve. Love Rosie's cardigan, she is gorgeous.

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