Theme-a-licious Update - Febuary

Since my last update stitching time has been seriously short, a combination of half-term and a bad sore throat since the last update has left me to tired to stitch during the evenings.

I did manage to finish the center section of Alpine Garden then things ground to a halt
Alpine Garden by The Drawn Thread copyright 2000
stitched using the recommended materials 

A close up of the centre, I know I say this every time but it is so pretty

Alpine Garden by The Drawn Thread copyright 2000
stitched using the recommended materials 

And on Fruits of the Vine I've finished the front of the scissor fob

Fruits of the Vine by With My Needle copyright 2010
stitched using the kit materials

and made good progress on the inside of the needle roll

Fruits of the Vine by With My Needle copyright 2010
stitched using the kit materials

And onto 'March Madness'  I'm going to take a slightly different take on this.  I've decided that my definition this year is to work over one on 35 count! So my weekend project is going to be Eileen Bennett's Juda Hale in Miniature.  Otherwise I'm really hoping that I can finish Alpine Garden this month.


Kath said…
Alpine Garden is lovely Karoline. Do you have others in the series? ANd one over one on 35 count.... well done. My eyes aren't that good anymore lol
Jackie said…
You've made some good progress! I hope you're feeling much much better!
Margaret said…
Beautiful! I can't wait to see your progress on the mini Juda Hayle!
Alpine Garden is beautiful. I had the same problem, illness and no figures to stitch!

Love your definition of March Madness too, great idea. I love my over 1 stitching. 40 count is quite challenging!
Ruth McKeon said…
Alpine garden is looking lovely as is your scissor fob. The needle case will look great and stitching over one on 35 count is really mad lol, good take on this months theme.
CJ in OK ;-) said…
I agree that center section is just beautiful. Over one will be great can't wait to see in March. CJ in OK
Erica said…
Alpine Garden is so lovely and delicate! I love seeing the pretty colors! It will be finished in no time!
Ali said…
My eyes are aching at the thought of such miniature work. But I'm sure it will be glorious!
I think you've done pretty well given that you've been under the weather. Pretty stitching as always Karoline - I'm not so sure about the over one on 35 count though - this comes from someone who avoids over one on any count of fabric.
Gillie said…
Oh yikes, more sickness, so much this year. Hope you are feeling better. Love Alpine Garden, I have Cloister Garden going as a Round Robin.
Giovanna said…
I hope your throat gets better soon - what a nuisance. Alpine Garden is really beautiful, especially that centre square, and your stitching is perfect.
Katrina said…
Hope you are feeling much better!!!!! Alpine Garden is so pretty and looking forward to seeing your miniature Juda Hayle piece.
geeky Heather said…
Alpine Garden really is lovely! The bird on the fob is too cute.

Over ONE on 35 count?!? Madness. :)
Grit said…
Your stitching is so wonderful.

Grit from Germany
Dani - tkdchick said…
That center block IS very pretty!

Hope you're feeling better.
Deb said…
The stitching in your piece looks so delicate!! Very pretty.
Carol said…
So sorry to hear you've been not feeling your best, Karoline--hope the sore throat is gone by now...

Beautiful progress on Alpine Garden--and yes, that center is absolutely gorgeous :)
Kathy Ellen said…
Karolyn, I do hope that you are feeling much better very soon. Lovely progress on Alpine Garden, and 'Fruit of the Vine' needleroll is really gorgeous. I too, am thinking of possibly attending a class, taught by Ellen Chester, to teach the same needleroll. It really is beautiful.

Blessings for you!
TeresaB said…
Fantastic progress Karoline. I hope you're feeling better and are up to stitching over 1 for March Madness.
Yana Hanim said…
beautiful stitching Karoline :)

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