Theme-a-licious Check In - March Madness

Here is my progress on my 'March Madness' goals - I said that my version was going to be working over one on 35 count by picking up 'Juda Hayle in Miniature' by Eileen Bennett.

I've made steady progress on this one, I'm almost finished another row of the eyelet alphabet.  The eyelets are a real sod to stitch over one, if I'd realised just how much I would have substituted another stitch.  I average one letter a night with this, I'm hoping that  I can finish the final row of this alphabet this month.  I've left the needle in for scale.

Juda Hale School Sampler  in Miniature copyright Eileen Bennett 2004
Stitched using the kit materials

My other goal for March is too finish The Drawn Threads Alpine Garden. Progress is slow and steady, I've finished another band.

Alpine Garden by The Drawn Thread copyright 2000

stitched using the recommended materials 

I really liked the leaf stitch used for the dividing band, it was a fun one to do and looks gorgeous

Alpine Garden by The Drawn Thread copyright 2000

stitched using the recommended materials 



Gillie said…
I love the Rapid Stitch on Cloister Garden, it ain't particularly rapid but does look good. Am full of admiration for EB's over one sampler but agree with you...a sod!
Giovanna said…
Nice going on both samplers - they're beautiful.
Jackie said…
I can't imagine eyelet letters over 1 on 35 count. One letter a night is good progress!
Margaret said…
Wow! Both pieces are wonderful! I love the Juda Hayle piece -- wow! Eyelet over one -- that does sound hard.
The sampler is really quite small and very impressive Karoline. Drawn Thread designs use such lovely stitches, it makes them so interesting.
Eyelets over 1? Didn't even know it was possible. You are an amazing stitcher:) Lovely lovely progress.
love Annette
Chris said…
Wonderful progress! You are so close to finishing these!
Mii Stitch said…
Both designs are superb! Lovely work x
Oh oh oh my friend, beautiful stitching, I love the TDT .... bisous from FRANCE
Dani - tkdchick said…
YOu've made good progress on both WIPs!
Laura said…
Great progress on your two samplers. The Juda Hayle sampler has such vivid, bright colors.
Carol said…
Oh, I can't imagine stitching eyelets over one!! Good luck with them, Karoline. Looks like you're almost finished with Alpine Garden--what a beauty!!
Anne said…
Both sampler bands are so beautiful. The 1 over 1 is stunning! You are brave my friend!!
geeky Heather said…
Juda Hayle is AMAZING. Gee whiz, I thought just stitching over one on 35-count was didn't tell us there'd be eyelets!!! *faints* In any case, it is looking is the DT, of course!
Jo said…
Beautiful stitching Karoline - hope the snow is melting up your way!
Chris said…
Beautiful stitching, I love your Alpine Garden, It looks so delicate

Kathy Ellen said…
Heather, your stitching on Juda Hayle and Alpine Garden are absolutely gorgeous! My goodness, you must have incredible patience to stitch those little tiny eyelets over one thread for the alphabet letters!

I especially love the names of each flower and their meanings with each flower in the Alpine Garden.


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