Knitting and Reading goals

There's been a bit of progress on my knitting in the last fortnight mostly on my sock,  I'm almost done with the heel flap.  The mystery yarn was identified by Dawn and Nicola as King Cole Zigzag. 


There is progress on Deco but as it's knit in the round so I'm knitting the fronts and back all at once, the long rows mean that it's rare I get more than one or two rows done when I pick it up.  Apologies for the terrible photo,  there's not enough of it yet to hang straight and the dark wool makes it difficult to see the detail.


I'm not going to set any hard and fast goals with my knitting this year, it would be nice to finish Deco this year but that's as far as it goes.  Knitting is what I do when I have a few free minutes round the children as it's easier to just grab than  my stitching.

Now for reading - I am going to set myself a goal here: I want to read at least 36 books this year. 

Since the children came along I've really struggled to find the time to read for myself - I read a lot everyday but it's out loud and to the children.  For the last few years I've managed to average about 2 books a month so this year I would really like to boost that to 3 per month.  Like most bibliophiles I have an ever increasing overflowing to-read pile (currently heading toward 350 books!) so I do need to making even a small dent in it.

This is what I have currently on the go:


Gore Vidal - The City and the Pillar, this is for my bookclub
Monica Dickens - Mariana,  I loved her Follyfoot and Worlds End books when I was in my early teens but I've not read many of her adult novels
Ian Rankin - A Question of Blood, I started this a while back but as the plot centres around a school shooting I had to put it down after Sandyhook.  I will go back to it once I've finished one of the others.

I'm also listening to Jane Eyre via the excellent Craftlit podcast.  I've lost count of the number of times I've read Jane and I'm enjoying listening to the book this time round.


Giovanna said…
Great knitting! And enjoy the reading :-)
Carol said…
Wow! That is a lot of reading, Karoline--you must be a fairly fast reader... Good luck with your goal :)

Your knitting is so beautiful--really love those blue shades!
Ruth said…
Love the socks and hope you get your knitting goals complete along with your reading ones. I to have a similar problem with getting back to my reading and I to am hoping this will be the year. I'm aiming for 12 reads this year so will be really looking forward to seeing if you get the 36 reads done this year,that will spur me on for next year.
Knitting is great to pick up and set down Karoline, it's one of the things I love about it. It's portable too - I take it on holiday when we go off in the caravan and find that I will often knit rather than stitch when we're away. I enjoyed seeing your choice of books, I think it's great to share as it's a good way to notice a new author to try.
Nicola said…
I enjoy Ian Rankins books, his latest Standing in a Dead Mans Grave was brilliant. Good to have Rebus back in action.
Margaret said…
Lovely knitting! The books look interesting. Hope you reach your reading goal this year.
Penny said…
Love the knitting progress - very pretty yarn! I always enjoy seeing what others are reading and I'm glad to know I'm not the only one with an overflowing to read pile. :) Hope you can find a little time for your reading!
I love the colour of the blue varigated wool.
Keep up the reading aloud to the children, as they grow up you can read more interesting books to them rather than just the continuing adventures of Thomas and the Naughty Trucks!
I'm currently reading Hitchhikers Guide to my son, then we'll continue with Eragon Book Three!
woolwoman said…
Good luck with finding time to knit Karoline - I agree - it is so much easier to pick up and I find if I just have an hour before bed - I am going for the knitting. Most of the time my eyes are shot by 10 or 11 at night and stitching is out. Enjoy all that you can do with your busy schedule and happy new year - mel
driftwood said…
lovely socks, isn't it satisfying turning the heels, always seems magical to me!
Siobhán said…
Lovely knitting and reading projects!
Sherry :o) said…
36 books - yikes. I set the goal of 18 (and my child is grown). I read 14 this year and that was low for me...I am looking into a reader (iPad or Kindle) and hope that will help my "reading on the go"...LOL

love the knitting. I am slow but learned how a couple years ago. Like it, but I am SLOW!
Brigitte said…
Great knitting. I love the yarn colour of the stocking.
36 books, that's my goal for this year as well. Last year I wasn't reading as many books as I had wanted to - I only read 11 books and that was far from my goals. So, this year it can only become better, lol. I wish you luck with your reading.
Solstitches said…
Reading and knitting - two of my favourite pastimes.
Love the sock yarn.
oh j'adore la couleur de cette laine ! bisous bisous
Marjo said…
I too hope to read more books this year. I read mostly mysteries and always a bunch I want to read. I love the sock yarn. It is turning out so well.

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