Theme-a-licious Check In - Delightful December

Progress on my December goals has proved to be rather slow as we've all been struck by a seasonal lurgy.  It's hard to get any speed up with my needle when I had to break off every couple of stitches for a coughing fit, urgh.  Fortunately they seem to be moving out for Christmas, thank goodness!

My only definite goal for December was to start Alpine Garden by The Drawn Thread, I'm currently making slow progress on the top band but I know from stitching others from the series that it will grow quite quickly once this section is finished.
Alpine Garden by The Drawn Thread stitched 
using the recommended materials 

I've been rotating Alpine Garden with the Scottish Sampler from the Goodhart book by Needleprint as that was the wip that screamed at me loudest when I opened my stitching basket! I last worked on this back in April.  I'm hoping that I might get the border to join up soon!

Scottish Sampler 1757 charted by Erica Uten
stitched using the fabric & silks provided at Ackworth 2008

There has also been some new knitting projects cast on,  back in the summer I bought myself the wool to knit myself a Deco Cardigan by Kate Davies.  After chatting with the lovely ladies at Baa Ram Ewe I settled on Wensleydale Longwool in Aubergine.

I also cast on a new basic top down sock using some sock yarn from my stash, the ball had lost it's label (thanks kids!) so I don't remember what it is.



Jackie said…
Nice progress! I'm not familiar with the scottish sampler but I love the way it's looking. I'll be starting my first DT project in the new year with my EGA group. The knitting looks great too - love the colors. Might the unknown yarn be Trekking?
Anonymous said…
I think it may be King Cole Zigzag?
Giovanna said…
Any Drawn Thread WIP is always a joy to see - so pretty! Your stitching and knitting projects are all so nice.
Carol said…
Oh, I love Drawn Thread's garden samplers, Karoline...Really look forward to watching this one grow!
woolwoman said…
I must say Karoline I was most excited about the Knitting starts - I adore Wensleydale wool - so beautiful and the color is just yummy. Your DT start is really nice - love the linen color you picked and the scottish is coming right along. I'm also doing the DT SAL of Tocatto I with our EGA group. Haven't done a DT piece in years so that will be fun. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and get rid of your coughing. Cheers Melody
Margaret said…
They're all lovely WIPs! Don't you love Kate Davies? I love her blog. Love the color you chose for the cardigan!
Aussie Stitcher said…
Hopefully the bugs take their marching orders and move on. Alpine Garden and the sampler are looking great. Ggggrrrr at the kids, mine especially my 9yo DD cannot keep her hands off things.
Nicola said…
Its awful trying to stitch with a cold, nothing worse than a runny nose when bending over to stitch. Hope it has clears up so you can enjoy Christmas.
As always, you've been busy crafting some lovely things. I will look forward to seeing the Scottish sampler grow. I just took delivery yesterday of book two of the Feller Collection samplers. I love pouring over the samplers in these books.
Susan said…
Happy Christmas to you and your family, Karoline!

I hope 2013 is a very happy one, filled with much stitching time!
geeky Heather said…
Lovely progress; I adore that Drawn Thread! Sorry you've been feeling poorly...hope things get better!
Scully said…
Your Deco will look gorgeous in that colour Karoline and I think it will really suit you. I love Kate Davies' designs and have just bought the Colours of Shetland...beautiful, look forward to seeing more progress on your DT. Hope the large has disappeared too. ❤

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