Theme-a-licious Check In Obligation October

Obligation October went well for me,  I succeed in achieving my goals and finished the stitching on the children's ornaments.

First up is Christopher's ornament:
Oh Holey Knight by Dragon Dreams from Just Cross Stitch Ornament Edition 2000

Then Rosie's (not the type of ornament I thought she would chose!) It needs some star buttons that I will add when I finish it.

 Peace on Earth by Sisters and Best Friends from Just Cross Stitch Ornament Edition 2002

Finally I can share the gift knitting I did, as they have arrived at their new homes.  Two of my Twitter friends Helen and Rachel have recently had babies so I made the new arrivals these rabbits from Debbie Bliss's Toy Knits book.


Now onto my plans for 'Nail it November'.  Heather's guidance for the month is:
'What's lying around that's so close to being finished you can't stand it anymore? Get to it and finish it!'
With that in mind my goal for this month is to finish Above the Clouds by Teresa Wentzler.  I completed the cross stitching back in June.  Time to tackle the miles of backstitch!  I also want to finish the ornaments and I have a couple of knitting projects that are very close to being finished - a cardigan for Rosie and a hat for myself that it would be good to get done.


Giovanna said…
The ornaments are just lovely - I think Rosie is growing up to be a smart young woman :-) And well done on the adorable bunnies too.
Loopylou said…
Those rabbits are adorable, perfect ad baby presents
Kathy Ellen said…
Rosie's ornament is going to be quite unique. Just love those adorable bunny rabbits, which will surely be well loved by the new babies!

It's nice to finish things but it's also nice to start new things:-) I like the rabbits, hand knitted toys are really special.
Sharon said…
Lovely ornaments, I love Rosie's choice. I have thought of stitching that one myself. The rabbits are adorable!
Brigitte said…
Great ornaments that your children chose. And I love these little bunnies. They are so cute.
Siobhán said…
Lovely finishes! The rabbits are adorable. Good luck with your November goal!
geeky Heather said…
Good job finishing the ornaments, and the bunnies are ADORABLE!! Good luck with Above the Clouds...that is a beautiful piece.
Carol said…
Oh, those rabbits are so sweet--such lucky little babies... Good for you for finishing your children's ornaments--they are both very special, Karoline :)
Rowyn said…
Wow, great ornaments for Rosie and Christopher. Clearly Rosie must be one clever cookie, and far advanced for her years :-)

Cute knitted rabbits too.
Jackie said…
You had a great October! I've never knit toys as the assembly seems so fiddly. How did you find it?

Rosie made a great choice!

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