Theme-a-licious Catch Up - September & October

Sorry about missing the Theme-a-licious wrap up for September, I'm not sure what happened but I just didn't manage to get sat down to write it.

My goal for 'September Smalls' was to have as much of the stitching on Glastonbury Garden done as I could before the class.  At my previous update I had finished the outside cover and was working on the outside pocket.  I got the pocket finished and made a start on the inside cover.  


Glastonbury Garden - Forget Me Not in Stitches
stitched using the kit materials

I had a wonderful time at the class with Lauren, however I was too busy chatting and stitching to remember to take any pictures, sorry!  Lauren showed us some of her new models and there are some absolutely gorgeous ones for future classes,  I'm just waiting to find out which ones are selected for next year.

Now onto Obligation October,  Heather's guidance is:

  'Wow, the holidays are only a couple months away! Avoid that last-minute crunch and work on some gifts now.'

With that in mind what I decided to work on was the children's Christmas ornaments.  I'm well on the way with Christopher's - Oh Holy Night by Dragon Dreams from the 2000 Just Cross Stitch Ornament issue.


Rosie has chosen hers, fortunately a simpler one than last year!  I've also been doing some gift knitting but I can't show that yet.


Margaret said…
Wonderful! Looking forward to seeing your Lauren Sauer piece all finished! Love the ornie for Christopher!
Giovanna said…
Nice start on the ornament, and Lauren's class piece is promising to be quite wonderful - look forward to seeing it all done.
Carol said…
I love the idea of making ornaments for your children, Karoline. Christopher's is looking great so far! Good luck with the class piece--love the colors in it :)
geeky Heather said…
I also can't wait to see the Lauren piece finished...remember November is "Nail It November" pressure, but that project would be a good choice. =)
Your ornament start looks cute, what a lovely idea to let them choose. I look forward to seeing your gift knitting and I'm glad you enjoyed your class.
Jennifer B said…
Can I ask what designer pattern the acorn bag leaning on the candle stick opposite the halloween cat ornament is? I adore acorns.

Lucky Karoline and Christopher to have a mum who sews
woolwoman said…
your fall disply in your blog header looks so neat Karoline. Glad you got so much done on your class pre-work - I'm sure it will be beautiful. Christophers ornie is moving right along. Can't wait to see your knitting - Mel
Nicola said…
What a lovely idea to make annual Christmas ornaments. In years to come they will remind your children of their family Christmases..
Susan said…
Love your new header - I recognize the PS piece :)

You're making great progress on your ornaments!
Margaret said…
What is the name of the half round Acorn piece on the right of your header. it's gorgeous
Jo said…
Looking lovely. Dying to know what Rosie has chosen!!
beautiful stitching !
bisous de FRANCE
Oh my your Garden project is gorgeous. How exciting to take a class, I hope you do get as much as you can sewn. Yes the holidays are coming up fast. Lovely start on your ornament stitching. I've been working on some as well.
love Annette
Brigitte said…
That Garden class project makes me very curious and I'm looking forward to seeing it assembled.
Such a nice thing to stitch yearly ornaments for your children.

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