Theme-a-licious Check In - August

Here is my progress on Glastonbury Garden this month,  I've finished the second set of circles and started the filling in stitching.  I should meet my goal of finishing this panel this month.

Glastonbury Garden - Forget Me Not in Stitches
stitched using the kit materials
While I was photographing Glastonbury Garden I was not popular as I was encroaching on someones personal sunspot


Margaret said…
Your WIP looks great! I'm looking forward to seeing more. lol about your cat!
Sheila said…
I have no idea what the finished design is like (guess I should google it!) but I think it is going to be fabulous. It looks great so far and even the title makes it sound special. Can't wait to see more:)
Erica said…
Wow! Glastonbury Garden is quite impressive! Very pretty colors too!
Love the kitty photo! No one relaxes quite likke a cat!
Glastonbury Garden looks really interesting, I'll have to check it out to see the finished design. Love your little friend too, I can't resist a cat.
Susan said…
Nice progress on Glastonbury Garden, Karoline!

Your kitty is cute!
Cheryl said…
Ooh thats pretty! Cant believe how big Rosie is now (in your previous post!)
Penny said…
Glastonbury Garden is looking good! Cats are funny, sometimes you wonder just whose house it is. :)
Solstitches said…
This looks like a labour intensive piece of stitching.
I have not heard of this design so am looking forward to seeing more.
geeky Heather said…
Ah, the trials of our craft, especially when it comes to photography. =) It's looking lovely!

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