Theme-a-licious - Jolly July Update

As I mentioned in the last post, life has been rather busy so you won't be surprised to hear I haven't got a lot of stitching in so far this month.  So there is no update on Glastonbury Garden as I haven't got any work on it yet this month.

I have made progress on 'Happy Winter', the front is now finished


Happy Winter by The Nutmeg Needle from Just Cross Stitch Ornament edition 2000.

and I am well on the way with the back, hopefully I should get it finished this month.


Happy Winter by The Nutmeg Needle from Just Cross Stitch Ornament edition 2000.

I also managed to do some finishing that fit this months theme, this is The Victoria Sampler Beyond Cross Stitch 2-1.  I did the stitching back in 2006, it's now finished as a pillow ornament.

Beyond Cross Stitch 2-1 by The Victoria Sampler 2000


Margaret said…
Nice finish! Love the Snowman too -- the front looks great and you're going strong with the back!
Susan said…
Your snowman is adorable - I love the border! Very pretty, Karoline!
Melissa said…
Such lovely work, Caroline! The snowman had this lovely white border - what is that called? I've never seen that before - looks very hard to do!
Penny said…
Beautiful stitching on Happy Winter! And lovely finishing on your pillow ornament! It looks like a little ribbon embroidery on those roses?
Giovanna said…
Well done on the finish - very pretty. The snowman is gorgeous, I've been wanting to stitch that for the past decade or so :-)
Jackie said…
Love the border on the snowman - though it does look like it may be time consuming. So worth the effort!
Brigitte said…
That's a lovely little snowman. That border looks gorgeous, it must be Hardanger. Great combination.
Pretty finishing!
geeky Heather said…
I love Love LOVE that snowman. He is going to be fantastic when he's finished! Congrats on finishing the VS ornament!
Sherry :o) said…
Love both but the snowman is sooooo cute!!! Nice!
The Victoria Sampler design is so crisp and Christmassy looking, I love it.
Jo said…
I love Happy Winter - the border is fabulous
Solstitches said…
Happy Winter is gorgeous.
I have a whole bunch of those Victoria Sampler kits. I should stitch them as I like how your pillow looks.

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