Dove Farm 2012

As I mentioned in my last post, the weekend before last I got together with several of my stitching friends on a farm in Derbyshire.  Most of us met through the Teresa Wentzler Bulletin Board over ten years ago and for the last five years have been meeting up at Dove Farm in June for much chat, laughter and some crafting.  As always we had a wonderful time, here are some pictures from the weekend.

 Our home for the weekend

Allie, Lindsay & Paula ,  Allie had started in on her own blanket having been inspired by Dawn
Rach and Joy


Baby Alpaca (Oh the cute!)



I did manage to do some of the finishing I wanted to and I got the smalls for the Red Rabbit Needlecase done.  (I finished the needlecase back in 2011)



Red Rabbit Needlecase and Smalls by Forget Me Nots in Stitches

On the way back from the farm on Monday some of us went on a recce to a new to us quilt shop, Quiltessential at Cromford Mill.  



Cromford is the original Arkwright water powered cotton mill.

And of course fabric was aquired!


The paw print and orange fabrics are to make some trousers for Christopher some trousers and the owl fabric is to patch Rosie's duvet cover


Erica said…
I love the needlecase!
It looks like all of you had a great time!
Giovanna said…
Looks like great fun :-) Gorgeous finish, congrats.
Scully said…
I love the fabrics you chose Karoline and the Rabbit Needlecase is lovely. Looks like you all had a great time. ♥
What a great weekend trip and the setting is just gorgeous! And your needle case is just simply beautiful
Margaret said…
Looks like a wonderful time! Love your finish too, and the fabrics.
Susan said…
It looks like you had a great time!
ollie1976 said…
looks like a great time
Vonna Pfeiffer said…
What a beautiful place to visit and a grand time had by all! I absolutely adore that stitching set. Stunning!
Andrea said…
LOL the beige alpaca looks like it's head too big for it's body!

Looks like everyone had a good time. Great finishes.
Penny said…
Looks like a lovely place for everyone to meet up! And that baby Alpaca is sweet! The needlecase and smalls are just beautiful! Love the fabrics you picked too!
Solstitches said…
Happy memories. I've been to Cromford Mill no end of times although no lovely quilt shop in my day.
I love your Red Rabbit project Karoline.
Looks as though you had fun at the get together.

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