Amazon April Wrap Up


I'm a bit late with my Theme-a-licious wrap up for April, it's been one of those weeks. So without further ado here you are:

My two projects for this month were Forget-Me-Nots In Stitches Anniversary Roses and Erica Uten's reproduction of a Scottish Sampler from the Goodhart Collection.

On Anniversary Roses I have finished another band of the Verse

Anniversary Roses by Forget Me Nots in Stitches copyright 2009
using the silks and fabrics provided

And Scottish Sampler has some more of it's border


Scottish Sampler 1757 charted by Erica Uten
stitched using the fabric & silks provided at Ackworth 2008

For May the theme is 'May Memories' This is what Heather suggests
'Remember when you took that class? Or decided to commemorate that event? And then abandoned your poor WIP? Take a stroll down memory lane by working on it again.'
As two thirds of my wips are from classes (*hmmm*) there are no shortage of options for this month. I have decided that I would like to try and finish one. So I am going to concentrate on Forget-Me-Nots In Stitches Red Rabbit Needle case and Smalls as that's nearest to being done. 

20 Flowers by Just Nan copyright 2004
stitched with the kit materials

Also this month I did some more on Just Nan's 20 Flowers when I needed to work on something smaller.  I'm almost finished, a little bit of back stitching and the fob to do.


Sheila said…
You have done some great work this month.
I feel I should join the May challenge too! So many pieces half done, so little time!
Katrina said…
Very pretty pieces and lots accomplished this month :-)!!!!
I still love that Just Nan design, the colours are such a bonnie mix.
MoonBeam said…
Both projects are beautiful...especially Anniversary Roses. You must be in the group that Lauren went over to teach for, and, in fact, designed this piece for?

Lauren is a local friend and we stitch together a couple times a month. One of my friends just picked up her Anniversary Roses from the framer yesterday. (We call it Briar Roses.)

Keep at's an amazing piece.

Margaret said…
All your pieces are so pretty! I'm looking forward to seeing your May challenge all finished.
Lois said…
You've made good progress on both these pieces. Love the theme for May.
Marjo said…
Lovely work. You are making great progress. Enjoy!
Sherry :o) said…
Nice progress Karoline...and it looks like you are almost done with your May project to be!! Can't wait to see your progress this month.
Susan said…
Nice progress on all your WIPs, Karoline - I especially love Anniversary Roses!
Giovanna said…
Very nice progress on the WIPs!
Penny said…
Beautiful stitching on all of your projects!
woolwoman said…
great progress Karoline - I know how you feel - april was just a blur - slipped by so fast. maybe May will linger a little longer. Cheers ! melody
Sharon said…
Beautiful progress Karoline!
Brigitte said…
Two very nice projects in April. I love the border of the Scottish piece.
Wow, this JN project is so beautiful Have you finished it in the meantime?

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