Mid March Madness Check In

I'm running late with my Theme-a-licous check this month as we've had a stomach bug in residence here but we're all getting over it now.  

My plan for 'March Madness' is very simple - I want to work at least once on all of my wips this month. So far I'm on plan to achieve this goal as I have worked on half of them so far.


First up is A Stitch in Pine by Hillside Samplings,  when I picked it up I got the border finished and started the inside border.


Next it was Rosie's Ornament Happy Winter by The Nutmeg Needle, I did some more of the back stitch outline of the snowman (previous progress here)

Then I pulled out a reproduction of a Scottish Sampler by Erica Uten that is in the Goodhart Sampler book by Needleprint.  I started this in the class at Ackworth 2008 and it hasn't been out of the bag since.  I got some more of the border done.


Another class piece that hasn't been out of it's bag in many years is Forget Me Nots in Stitches - Take a Lovely Sampler (I took the class in 2006!) I have started the border for the scissor fob.

There's been a bit more done on Just Nan's 20 Flowers, I'm working on the Hollyhocks on the front. Previous progress on here

The last photo for this update is another class wip from Ackworth 2008, a whitework sampler by Eva-Lotta Hansen.  Another one that hasn't been out of the bag since,  I stitched the A & O.

I have also worked on CA Wells Whitework Portfolio, however I made a counting error when I started and I need frog what I've done so there has been no point in taking a photo.  I'm hoping that I can revisit this one this month.


Giovanna said…
Wow, that's so many beautiful WIPs - lovely!
Solstitches said…
You have some very lovely projects in the works Karoline.
Congratulations on keeping up with your challenge.
What a great idea!!! You have so many gorgeous WIPS!
Margaret said…
Oh I love all your WIPs! So pretty!
I like your blog! Beautiful crosstitch! Welcom to my blog too, about my crosstitch, quilt and ministry! Hello from Russia, Nika
Veronica said…
Lovely stitching! So many beautiful WiPs.

Sheila said…
Lots of lovely lovely WIPs...look forward to seeing updates.
Hope you are all rid of the lurgy and well now :)
Lois said…
Great idea Karoline and some lovely WIP's to concentrate on this month.
Chris said…
Looks like great progress :)
Katrina said…
Ack, I hate counting errors!!!! Hope you figure out the CA Wells piece quickly :-). Gorgeous WIPs!!!
woolwoman said…
beautiful things out of your stash Karoline - Good luck on touching them all in march - have you been knitting lately? have a good week and I hope the bugs have flown away
Penny said…
Beautiful stitching all around!
Glad you are all feeling better! :)
geeky Heather said…
Lovely work...isn't it fun to visit all the WIPs?? That snowman is so cute and so close to being finished!
You will feel so good about getting back to your WIP's. A good way to make sure you don't get bored with working on just one.

Siobhán said…
Lovely stitching on your WIPs!
TeresaB said…
What a great March Madness trip through your WIPs! Love them all. Sorry to hear you caught a stomach bug, hope you're feeling much better now.
Lovely stitching and sorry about the frog!
David said…
What wonderful WIPs you have here. beautiful heirlooms-to-be ;-)

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