Theme-a-licious 2012 January Update

It's time for a quick update on Jardin January. I've not managed to get as much done as I hoped so far this month because the eye infection put paid to doing much stitching last week. Fortunately it's cleared up now so I'll be able to crack on.

I had just picked up Anniversary Roses when the infection hit so there has only been a little bit of the over one in the centre rose done.

Anniversary Roses by Forget Me Nots in Stitches copyright 2009
using the silks and fabrics provided

Once my eyes started recovering I decided that it might be wise to give the over one a rest and picked up 20 Flowers. Most of this has been stitched this month, apologies for the terrible photo

Align Centre20 Flowers by Just Nan copyright 2004
stitched with the kit materials

I'm planning on working on 20 Flowers for the rest of this week, then I'll pick Anniversary Roses back up.


Margaret said…
They're both such pretty pieces! I'm so glad your eyes are better.
Susan said…
I'm glad that your eye is better!

Both of your pieces are lovely! I bet they will be beautiful when done!
Paula said…
Very pretty.
Sue said…
Both are lovely. Glad your eye is getting better.
Giovanna said…
Very nice stitching! Glad to read that your eyes are better.
Katrina said…
Pretty projects!!!! Glad the infection in your eyes is better too.
Penny said…
Both pieces are so pretty! I'm glad that you eye is better.
geeky Heather said…
Eye infections are the worst. My eyes were dilated last night and that was bad enough! Both your projects are beautiful!!
Siobhán said…
Nice progress on your WIPs!
I love the look of 20 Flowers, it's very pretty.
Chelle said…
Glad to hear your eyes are better! Love both of these designs. Forget Me Nots in Stitches is one of my favs!
Karoline, so sorry to hear about your infection!!! Glad to hear that you're able to pick up your needle again. The roses are just gorgeous on your piece!!! Hope you have a much better week!!!
Glad your eyes are better. I still love the colours in 20 flowers.
TeresaB said…
I'm behind in reading and am glad your eyes are better. Love your picks for Jardin January!

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