Happy Winter

I'm a bit late with this weeks update but I've managed to pick conjunctivitis up from somewhere, not the children who'd be the obvious source. They're both fine so I just need to avoid passing it too them but it does mean that I'm trying to limit my screen time so my eye gets time to recover.

Last week I worked on Rosie's ornament, I let her chose her ornament this time which as she went for one of the more stitching intensive ones was possibly a mistake on my part! I've almost finished the front I just need to finish the backstitching and add some Rhodes stitches to the border. Then I need to stitch the borders again for the back.


Happy Winter by The Nutmeg Needle from Just Cross Stitch Ornament edition 2000.

On the knitting front I've started the front of the Pembroke Vest for Christopher.


Pembroke vest by Kirsten Kapur
knit in King Cole Merino blend DK

As I'm sure many of you know Betty Ring's Sampler Collection is being sold by Sotheby's later this month so I treated myself to a copy of the catalogue and it arrived at the weekend. I've not managed to have more than a cursory flick through but I'm looking forward to going through it in more depth soon.



Margaret said…
Wow, that Rosie knows how to pick her ornaments! It's beautiful! I'm so dazzled by the white border -- how do you make that? It's wonderful! Love the vest start for Christopher too. Very nice color! I treated myself to a Sotheby's catalogue too. I felt so refined calling in my order as if I were going to bid on any of these treasures. lol!
Margaret said…
Forgot to say -- hope that conjunctivitis goes away -- and doesn't go on to someone else!
geeky Heather said…
I love that ornament!! Someday I will make it. Hope you're feeling better soon.
Sheila said…
Great ornie that Rosie picked ... she doesn´t want you to have an easy life.
The Betty Ring Sampler catalogue looks great :)
Hope your conjunctivitis clears up soon.
Bertie said…
Oh you will have Rosie stitching in no time herself Karoline!
The cataloque looks good, I have the books and am wondering if I do need the cataloque:) I downloaded the pdf, good pictures.
Speedy recovery:))
ollie1976 said…
That's a beautiful snowman ornament.
Katrina said…
Beautiful ornament and the vest is going to be handsome on Christopher. That catalog looks like so much fun too!!!
Marjo said…
Beautiful ornament. You have done a great job with it. I love the colors and detail. The blue of the vest is gorgeous. Hope your eye clears up soon, I find that so frustrating.
Nicola said…
That snowman is so cute! Sorry to read about your conjunctivitis, hope it goes away soon.
Giovanna said…
I've had that ornament on my to-do list forever - but then, I don't have a Rosie urging me to make it, lol. Can I borrow her, please? :-)
Lovely stitching and knitting!
I hope your eyes will heal soon.
Your ornament is lovely! And you knit too!!! I'm so jealous. Been trying to master that skill for years. Let's just say I'm sticking with stitching! Feel better soon!
Linda C.
woolwoman said…
love the vest start for your little boy - great color and Rosie's ornie is sooo darling. Good for your getting the catalog to pour over one day soon. Hope your eye infection clears up soon.
Lois said…
Rosie certainly has an eye for a lovely ornament! Hope the conjunctivitis clears up soon.
Andrea said…
Beautiful ornament. Hope the conjunctivitis clears up soon ... not nice.
Not much fun having sore eyes and trying to stitch. Lovely work as always.
Penny said…
What a sweet ornament Rosie chose and your stitching is beautiful! Your knitting looks great. :) I'm not familiar with Betty Ring, but the catalogue looks like a lot of fun to look through. Hope your conjunctivitis clears up soon!
Sherry :o) said…
I love the hardanger edge on Rosie's ornament. I hope you are better fast, and keep your conjunctivitis away from the two kiddos. So when are you going to bid! How cool would that be...I'd love to own an original.
Dani - tkdchick said…
Wow she picked a great ornament! Blanket stitch and I don't get along at all!

Get well!
Chelle said…
Love the ornament and your knitting is lovely. Lucky you with the Sotheby's catalog! I've been drooling over the online photos.

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