Tend Thy Sheep

Sorry to have been absent for so long, we've all been struck by numerous different bugs since I last posted. Small children are just such virulent germ factories, poor Rosie is on her third ear infection in six weeks.

But now onto much pleasanter things, when I last posted I was about to go away to The Sampler Guild retreat in the Cotswold's.


We stayed at the Wroxton House Hotel just outside Banbury & it was wonderful. Comfortable rooms, lovely food & nothing seemed to be too much trouble for the staff. Most of the time was spent in the stitching room & I enjoyed the luxury of being able to focus on my stitching for a weekend.

Retreat 2011
The TSG hard at work

My goal for the weekend was to do the finishing on Merry Cox's Tend Thy Sheep, the most recent class that she offered through the Shinning Needle Society. So here is my finished box:



A close up of the Smalls, Tend Thy Sheep copyright From Merry's Heart 1998

The one time we left the hotel was to pay a visit to Sulgrave Manor. I'm sure that I don't need to tell many of my American visitors that Sulgrave was the ancestral home of George Washington's family.

Picture used by kind permission of Sulgrave Manor

Our guide gave us a very comprehensive tour of the building highlighting their textile collection. As the light levels in the building were not good I wasn't able to get many decent pictures. The ones that I did where of some replica Elizabethan bed curtains which were made from slips stitched over ten years by a large number of stitchers both here and in the US.

Picture used by kind permission of Sulgrave Manor

It's a bit blurry but I thought that you all would like this photo of an original hornbook from their collection.

Picture used by kind permission of Sulgrave Manor


Giovanna said…
Oh my, how beautiful is your Tend Thy Sheep! Congratulations, and I hope you'll all get better really soon.
Margaret said…
What a beautiful finish!!! I love it! I also am envious of your retreat experience. Looks wonderful!

I remember those days with young ones. You're so right -- they are definite germ factories. My oldest had constant ear infections and was put on low dose antibiotics for a couple of years during the winter months. I hope Rosie's ear infections clear up.
David said…
Congratulations on your Tend Thy Sheep. It is a beautiful project...
I bought this on eBay some years back but was stumped/terrified by the finishing and so I still haven't done it, LOL! Yours is gorgeous!
Bertie said…
Tend thy sheep is just stunning Karoline. I did hear that the retreat was fabulous. The hotel looks lovely. I will do the Betsy Morgan class there in 2012 and might see you there?
Have a great weekend.
Nancy said…
You created a beautiful project - Tend Thy Sheep is lovely!
Lois said…
Karoline, Tend thy Sheep is just lovely!! Congrats on a wonderful finish. Looks like you'd a great time on the retreat!
Sheila said…
I love, love, love your Tend Thy Sheep...stunning!!!
I have been to Sulgrave when they had a special re-enactment weekend (though I dont think it was called that) - it was fabulous!
Sherry :o) said…
Your stitching is beautiful - looks like you made lots of progress. The pics from the retreat - what fun!! HOpe you have healthy kiddos now. It's so hard when they are sick and not feeling well on so many levels.
Katrina said…
Sorry the kiddos have been ill, I hope they are happily recovered and back to their normal selves :-).

What a fun weekend, love your finished Tend Thy Sheep and thanks for sharing the your tour of Sulgrave Manor, very interesting too.
woolwoman said…
I'm glad the childrens various illnesses did not keep you from your marvelous retreat weekend - Tend Thy Sheep is just smashing Karoline ! SO beautiful and I'm sure you are thrilled to have it finished. Thanks for the peek at the bed curtains at Sulgrave - I remember the collaborative effort when those were being stitched. Awesome ! Hope you enjoy the holiday season Melody
Siobhan said…
Your Tend Thy Sheep is fabulous!!

I loved the pics of your retreat. I dream of going to the Cotswalds one day--so pretty!
Andrea said…
Gorgeous finishes.
Beautiful work Karoline, pretty colours too. It's that time of year for the bugs doing the rounds and as soon as children enter the equation they do the rounds all the faster.
Isabelle said…
This retreat sounds blissful! You did a stellar job on your Tend thy Sheep.
Solstitches said…
Oh my goodness Karoline however did I miss this post?
Your Tend Thy Sheep box is absolutely stunning. I can't begin to imagine going on a retreat in such beautiful surroundings too.
Your work is always so special.
I've just made myself a follower here so I don't miss anything else!


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