Rosie's New Dress

No progress update this week as I wanted to blog Rosie's dress before I go any further.

Scully was correct when she identified it as being by Clothkits. I have vague memories of making various things from Clothkits in their previous incarnation many years ago. Since they relaunched a few years ago I've loved the screen prints they use, especially on the little girls dresses so in the spring I bought a kit to make one of the Funky Chicken Shift Dresses for Rosie.

I started working on the dress during the Easter holidays, the kit comes beautifully packaged with everything needed to complete the dress (apart from the sewing machine!).


Since then I worked at it on and off as I got the opportunity, it has to be said that was no where near fast enough for Rosie who monitored progress closely. While there are things I might do differently when I make another one (and I'm sure I will) I'm really pleased with the finished dress and most importantly so is Rosie.



I should add that they don't suggest putting the pocket in the middle of the dress but that was where Rosie wanted it, so that was where I put it!


Margaret said…
I bet Rosie is thrilled by the dress. Seeing her mom make it for her -- how special! I love where she wanted the pocket. So cute!
I absolutely LOVE this!
Soooo adorable!!! Think I could make Zack wear something like this? LOL With 2 boys, I can't buy any pink clothes .... alas, I can swoon over friends' girls clothes ... she is darling!

Tanya :)
Christine said…
Beautiful dress and a beautiful little girl modelling it!
Sheila said…
What a lovely dress and Rosie is looking gorgeous---like a real child model :) My, how she has grown :)
Paula said…
It's gorgeous.
Sherry :o) said…
the dress is really cute - and I think it's perfect with the pocket right where Rosie wanted it to be.

What a sweetie, so cute!
Scully said…
Well I can see already that Rosie has great taste! lol She looks fab in her very fab dress Karoline....wanna make one for me? lol
Kathy Ellen said…
I've never heard of "clothkits", but what a very clever way of packaging everything you need to make a dress. Rosie is a beautiful child and looks adorable in the marvelous dress that you created for her!
What a lovely little dress - being made by mum makes it so much more special.
Susan said…
The dress is gorgeous, and I love the birds in the hemline! Rosie is growing into quite the young lady!
Isabelle said…
What a lovely dress!
Off to take a look at the website now... I'm afraid I'm going to be horribly enabled!
Giovanna said…
So cute! Rosie is great in front of the camera, and it's perfect for her - well done!
Solstitches said…
What a little doll Rosie is and I love that she was impatient to get her new dress finished.
Clothkits is a blast from the past for me as I remember making them for my own daughter way, way back when.

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