Mostly Knitting

I've mostly been knitting over the last couple of weeks. Dave treated me to a new iPad and playing with that has rather cut into my crafting time, but I have discovered that it makes it a lot easier to knit and read at the same time!

Progress is slow but steady on my Ishbel, I'm now working on the edging so it's rare I manage more than one or two rows at a time as they're so long now.


Ishbel by Isolda Teague in Fyberspates 4ply Sport Superwash Scrumptious

On Rosie's socks I've almost finished the first sock, I'm decreasing for the toe so I'm confident that I'll be one sock down by the end of this week.


Basic top down childrens sock knit in UK Alpaca Sock Yarn in Moss

Not a lot of stitching has happened. I'm working on the pincushion for the Merry Cox class, Tend thy sheep.


From Merry's Heart - Tend thy Sheep 1998
stitched using the kit materials

This is the last bit of stitching for the class and it will get finished this week. I'm away this weekend at The Sampler Guild retreat so I'm planning to do the finishing on this set (that is assuming I don't spend the whole time sleeping!)

Thank you all for the kind comments on Rosie's dress.


Margaret said…
Oh, have fun at the retreat! I wish I could attend one sometime. Love the knitting! How do you read and knit at the same time? I never developed that knack. lol! I love my iPad -- I bet you're loving yours too! I'm dreaming of an iPhone now. I keep telling myself I don't need one, but I want one. lol! Rosie's sock is a pretty color! Bet she can't wait till she can try it on!
Giovanna said…
Cute knitting projects! And TTS is absolutely gorgeous. Enjoy the retreat!
Sheila said…
Knitting is looking good and TTS is wonderful. Enjoy your weekend away with TSG :)
woolwoman said…
Karoline - I missed your post last week - Rosie and her oddly placed pocket are just darling - I am woefully behind on posting and reading but hope to catch up soon. I have an new IPAD too but it just doesn't hold much fascination to me - Since I've had an IPhone for over 2 years - to me it is just a larger version of the IPhone and I don't think it will ever replace my laptop as a reliable work device. However they are lightweight and fun. Love your knitting progress - can't wait to see Ishbel off the needles. Have a good week ! Mel
Grace said…
See you at the weekend! I will only be at the Retreat on Friday evening as I have family commitments for the rest of the weekend, but it will be good to catch up with you!
Lois said…
What nice knitting projects! Enjoy the retreat.
Have fun Karoline.
Kathy Ellen said…
By now, you are probably returning from your wonderful weekend retreat! I just checked out the Sampler Guild's website, and oh how I wish that I lived in Great Britain so that I could attend too! Hope you had lots of stitching fun! I love your beautiful is one of my favorite colors too. Great progress on Rosie's sock!
Siobhan said…
Lovely knitting and stitching! Knitting and reading on the iPad at the same time... hmmm... sounds fun! I have an iPhone and love it but it does cut into the crafty time. I have to place it in the other room or I am constantly stopping to check news updates, emails, etc.
Solstitches said…
You chose a beautiful colour for your Ishbel shawl. I knitted that design at the beginning of the year and love it.
Miss Rosie's sock looks cute.
Would love to go to a Sampler Guild retreat.

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