I went back to working on Tend Thy Sheep by Merry Cox this week, this class has been my rotation focus piece recently so I've been working on it every other week. I finished the box band a few weeks ago, here is a picture as I hadn't got round to sharing it yet.


This week I was finishing off the needle book from the set, I just have to complete the pincushion and this set will be ready for finishing.


From Merry's Heart - Tend thy Sheep 1998
stitched using the kit materials

My Ishbel is progressing, I'm now onto the third of the lace sections.


Ishbel by Isolda Teague in Fyberspates 4ply Sport Superwash Scrumptious

Rosie's socks have continued to grow, I'm upto shaping the heal.


Basic top down childrens sock knit in UK Alpaca Sock Yarn in Moss

I've made another pump bag for Christopher. He's just started going to nursery on a Friday morning now (Mummy's sanity saver!) and needs a bag for his change of clothes.


I have also finished a dress that I have been making for Rosie but more of that in another post.



Good grief, you've been busy. I'm glad to see someone else who goes from craft to craft, all your projects look good.
Margaret said…
You've done so much! Great projects all! Don't know how you do so much with two little ones.
Giovanna said…
Lovely work - the Merry Cox piece is so pretty!
Scully said…
The stitching and knitting are looking well Karoline...the print on the dress looks a bit like a Clothkits one...very nice I hasten to add!
Sheila said…
Lots of nice things, but I especially love the MC stitching :)
woolwoman said…
You've gotten so much accomplished in a week Karoline ! WOW - awesome and I love the Ishbel and Rosie's dress preview is adorable.
Isabelle said…
Wow, you've been busy! Can't wait to see more of the dress.
Andrea said…
Good to see you've been keeping busy! Love all of your craft-iness.
Susan said…
That dress you made for Rosie looks adorable - I can't wait to see more.

Love your Merry Cox piece!

Your knitting is gorgeous, although I don't know what an Ishbel is!!
Siobhan said…
Wow, you're getting so much done, Karoline! All of your projects are lovely.

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